Molly Jackson is a renowned motivational speaker. Public speaking is her passion. Molly speaks with compassion, authority, and honesty about the following topics..

- Grief
- Finding Joy After Loss
- Organ Donation
- Health and Emotional Wellness
- Surviving Motherhood with Humor

Combined with her musical talents, Molly is the perfect speaker for your next event. She has been the keynote speaker at large events all over the state of Utah as well as different parts of the United States.

She frequently speaks for Intermountain Donor Services on organ donation, grief, and loss.  Her summers are spent speaking and singing for various youth organizations across the state of Utah. She brings warmth, honesty, humor, and beautiful music to each event.

Molly loves peaking to all different groups. She is experienced with televiosion appearances, large groups, more intimate settings, and performing on stage.

If you need someone to sing for a dinner party, company holiday party, a motivational speaker for a school assembly or church group, or to a group of medical professionals on loss and grief, please contact Molly at :

You will love the way she weaves the story of her loss into her presentation while still applying it on a deep and personal level to everyone listening.

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