Welcome! I'm Molly. I'm a wife, mother, public speaker, organ donor activist, singer, dancer, part-time librarian, and a million other contradictiry terms.

 Since I can't wear a t-shirt everyday that says "Bereaved Mother", I blog about the loss of my 2 year-old daughter, vent my frustrations and triumphs in life, nibble my two living children, and navigate the waters of being married to a Conservative.

My interests: Theatre--singing, dancing, acting. Running, skiing, hiking, writing, food, reading, and above all--PEOPLE.

Stats: Short, blonde-ish, has 3 siblings, graduated from BYU in Music/Dance/Theatre, served a mission in Peoria, Illinois, graduated from Madison Highschool in Rexburg, Idaho. Belongs on the East Coast and works hard at loving life in the wild west. Has lived in D.C., Virginia, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Los Angeles, NYC, and has always dreamed of being on Broadway but lives that dream vicariously through her many friends performing there. Has struggled adapting to motherhood but is kind of getting a grip on it.

Randoms: Can make the ugliest face known to mankind. Busts out in song and dance at any given time. Loves speaking in accents and mimicking people. Has recently developed a fear of flying yet loves to travel. Enjoys swearing

Oh, and you'll run into me on either the Park City trails, see me on TV occasionally, or hear me belting out showtunes onstage. I write about loss, body image, eating disorders, adventures in motherhood, and my love for most humans. Thanks for being my therapy.


The Hubster: Vic

His interests: Reading, reading, and more reading. Trail running, skiing, cupcake decorating, reading, politics, Latin America, speaking Spanish, food, traveling, hiking, snow shoeing, surfing, and reading. 

Stats: Short-ish, blonde-ish (before shaving his head), red beard, great calves, navy blue eyes, oldest of 7 children (yowzers!), served an LDS mission in Salta, Argentina, graduated from Mountain View Highschool in Mesa, AZ (class of 1990--yowzers again!), is in charge of the laundry and executes it flawlessly, graduated from BYU in Latin American Studies and went to Law School at Pepperdine in Malibu, CA. 

Randoms: Uses a headlamp to read at night. Is extremely daring and adventurous. Loves peanut butter.  Is especially kind to children and treats them as equals. Loves empanadas. Loves ice cream. Loves movies. "A cute nerd"--as I call him. The best kind of guy to marry.

He's stubborn. Our marriage isn't perfect. But he is wonderful.



  1. What a beautiful blog. Found you through a Vintage Printage FB post (shared by the McBaileys). I have three boys and I just cannot even imagine… You have helped others through your loss and I hope that I could be that brave if it ever came down to it.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    xo, Claire @ ALittleClaireification.com
    {PS: I may show as a "no reply" due to a glitch between Blogger & WPress.org… sorry!!}

  2. I served in Salta too! (or LA MAS as we call it down there which means of course the best mission ever)


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