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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I've been harassing my Instagram followers to subscribe to the podcast Kind World. Guyzzz...IT'S WONDERFUL. Full admission: I listened to every single episode in one day. I couldn't stop. Episodes are only 6-8 minutes each and they consist of perfectly crafted, engaging, true summaries of stories of how one act of kindness profoundly effected someone's life. You'll find everything from skydiving to homelessness, illness, a woman's dress completely falling off of her on public transit...and how perfect strangers came to the rescue in profound ways. YOU  MUST YOU  MUST YOU MUST. You can listen to it by visiting the Kind World website.

I was so moved by this podcast that I submitted my own story and want to be on the show so badly that I feel in my bones it is going to happen...and I can't wait to let you know when my episode will be airing. Because IT WILL HAPPEN.

And a Kind World it is, indeed. While leaving church today, I glanced toward the fire station and noticed the cute firemen hard at work cutting the bright green grass. Upon further inspection, I noticed something completely unexpected. I drove my family next door so we could get a closer look.

6 or 7 years ago, I decided it would be fitting and appropriate to create a small memorial on the lawn of the fire station where Lucy's body struggled to survive. Where nurses, doctors, the head of Summit County Search and Rescue performed intense CPR on her, waiting for the paramedics to arrive. It was the last place where she was the true and whole Lucy.

So we did. Home Depot donated dozens of flowering plants and we gathered together to dig dirt, socialize with the firemen, and plant beautiful living things in honor of our Lucy Sweet. But as the years have passed, that small little plot of land hasn't gotten much attention. The plants have all died and weeds overtook the space. I'd often think, "For her 10 year graduation we will go back and make it beautiful again."

You may have caught my Instagram story last week when I left the house to go on a run without a plan. I decided to run wherever my legs carried me. First, it was to the park where the magnificent and bright Lucy Tree is adorned with ribbons. (Our friend and guardian angel, Jennie Towery, ties ribbons on the branches every May). There were children laughing and running around, making it so perfectly bittersweet.

Next, my legs ran to the fire station and the small plot of land where the long-forgotten flower garden waited to be remembered. I mentioned all of this on Instagram, including my desire to bring it to life again. Which is why I was shocked to see a small tree, surrounded by beautiful flowers and fresh mulch in the spot, where just days ago, were weeds. Who on earth did this? One of my blog readers?

Friends, it was the cute, CUTE firemen. I couldn't believe it. I was in tears. This is when Peter began asking all sorts of questions about exactly what happened that day. He knows his sister choked. He knows she was in the hospital. He knows she died. But I had never told him the play by play of the events that day in the parking lot. Once I finished, he curled up in a ball and said, "I don't want to hear it. It makes me too sad." Me too, Peter, me too.

The kids got a VIP tour of the station, I held back tears the entire time, Vic stood solemnly, stoically, quietly on the sidelines with the fire chief, as is his silent, strong way.

And then we drove away-- Overwhelmed with the kindness of these community servants. To have your child be remembered and honored is pure,  unadulterated kindness. And it brings me to my knees.

Go out and make others believe in the magic and power of a kind world. It's the surest way to create change.


  1. This brought me to tears, thank you sharing this loving act of kindness. What a truly wonderful world.

  2. Brought on so many tears. What a beautiful, kind, thoughtful thing. I love you, dear Molly.

  3. Firefighters are strong, brave, stoic, understanding, kind but this tops the list. What a great service he did to make that sacred spot beautiful again.


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