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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today I decided to let all of my expectations go. No pressure on myself to sell Rodan + Fields to anyone. (Have I mentioned I started selling skin care? The #1 Skincare in North America? But we'll talk about that another day). 

I said goodbye to all thoughts of "I should be doing more. I should have more followers. I should make a buttload of money. I should have an amazing looking house. I should have a six pack." As my mother always says, "Don't should on yourself." 

The day started off with a coffee hot tub date at my friend Julie's house. Due to the Spring snowfest we are having it was actually wonderful timing. We sat and talked about our kids, botox, and the upcoming summer. Relaxing yet rejuvenating it was indeed. The chilling wind and snow were the perfect compliment to the broiling water. Ahhhhh....

I took the time to put on makeup, do my hair, and even snuck a 20 minute workout in there somewhere. When Zoë got off the bus I consciously chose to BE WITH HER. We made markers together. (Yes, actually MADE markers. Not the greatest idea with a 4 year old, but we kept the mess under wraps). 

We had a dance party in the kitchen while I ironed Vic's shirts. (Not something I regularly do). I deep cleaned the basement, arranged all the electric cords for the TV, Wii U, DVD player, etc. and decided to stop running away from my house and my kids. Today there was no "other" dream to chase after. There was only improving the dream I was already living. 


I realize this is a luxury not all mothers get. I also realize this is not a reality some mothers want. (Friends, you know I've struggled with my desire to work and stay home). I also realize that working full-time would greatly aid in our finances. (As would becoming the next Lexus achiever/skin care mogul with R + F). But I digress....

The point is that between eating nachos with my kids after school, taking Zoë girl on a walk with her stuffed animals in the stroller, tickle fights, dance parties, marker making, cleaning, and piano practice, a little big of magic happened. 

And I'm not gonna lie...I'm super tempted to start a Youtube channel with my Z girl called "The Mommy and Me Show". BECAUSE CAN YOU EVEN? On second thought, "The Future of Happiness" isn't a bad title either. 

Behold, a snippet of today's magic: 

Editor's note: I've REALLY been struggling lately. Nearing 40 is no joke on your body and your psyche. Where do I fit in the world? What are my goals anymore? Am I desirable? I can't believe it's been NINE YEARS since Lucy died. Who even am I? 

So today's mood and events were especially sweet to my soul. 

And hey, thanks for reading. I mean it. 


  1. You are both adorable. And I totally hear you about nearing forty...I thought I would be better in my head.

  2. Love all of this. X1,000,000,000


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