9 Years- A Poem for my Deceased Daughter

Monday, May 22, 2017

Gently wiping that snot off your face. 
Routine. Nothing special. Inconvenient, even

Now, a longed-for privilege 

Stretching for 9 years in my cocoon to break free 
Puncturing the silk threads by accepting
Accidents happen
Loss is part of life
Death is not the end
It's not my fault

Oh, but to see you grow
To be robbed of the magic of your childhood
A blow beyond measure
The hole made deeper against the backdrop of child 2 and 3
They need you here
Our dynamic splintered by your absence. 
Your life silenced far too soon rings mercilessly at a painful pitch in my ears

But my only choice is to emerge from the chrysalis 
With greater empathy
A kinder, softer heart
A freedom not known to those who haven't suffered the ultimate loss
Wings so vivid and bright that others are drawn to me
Comforted in my presence
Safe in the arms of my knowing pain

9 years
9 years
9 years


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