Greetings, Earthlings.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Hello, Friends!

I'm still here. Do people still read this? Here's what we've been up to:

-Sponsoring a refugee family in Syria.


And here's a link to the news story about it:

-Peter is really loving basketball. It thrills me to see him commit and succeed.

-Vic started a new job at Robert J. Debry law firm. It is a MUCH NEEDED change and he's really enjoying it.

-I'm doing the KonMarie method on my house and getting rid of so much junk. It feels amazeballs and a half.

-I finished performing in "Sister Act" at the Hale Centre Theatre. I'm happy to have my life back.

-The holidays were pretty quiet and low-key. Honestly, I'm glad Christmas is over, as much as I love it.

-I still haven't (and don't ever want to) accept that Trump is our President. Never, ever.

-Zoë is still the cutest little peanut on the planet.

That's all I've got! I've got some real writing in me somewhere. I'll have to find it again someday.


  1. So glad you are back ! I have your blog linked on the side bar of my blog, and whenever you post, you pop to the top ! I love to keep track of your little family.

  2. This is your dad...riding on a bus from Klaipeda to Vilnius. Please write more. I miss your writing and I miss your liver and lungs!

  3. I missed your posts like crazy but I knew you were in the play and busy busy busy. I'm with you on our new president. It's a hard pill to swallow. I stayed up until after 1 am on election night to hear the news, then cried for an hour before I could go to sleep. I kinda knew early in the evening but just wanted to hear it myself. Now all I can do is pray that he is a good president and makes good decisions (I know, I know...I don't see that happening but hope springs eternal). Sounds like your children are thriving and is kinda sad for me to see my 6 year old grandson growing up so fast. Congrats to your husband on the new job. That's great!! I hope this year brings you lots of joy, fun adventures, and new memories. ENJOY!! (P.S. I retired a year ago so 2016 was just the bomb for me. I love being able to help in my grandson's school class and take him to the bus stop every school day).

  4. I really was beginning to think you had jumped on a space ship to go to Mars or Venus so the "Greetings, Earthlings" would be appropriate!!

  5. Glad to be updated. Can we take 3 and try to do the penpal stuff again?? Sorry for failing it the first two times!- Ruby


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