I ran for you

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"My heart is tender and my arms are wide open this morning. A lot of life's stresses came crashing down on me last night... So I turned to a favorite form of therapy and went on a run this morning. I ran for you, my dear friends. I ran and thought and prayed for all of you. For my dear friend, Justin Kinnaird, whose birthday is this week and who passed away two years ago. Oh, how I miss and love him. I ran for all of the refugee children in Syria. I ran for my friends and loved ones dealing with depression, divorce, a faith crisis, loneliness. I ran as my heart beat fast in my chest thinking of my parents far away in Russia. I ran with the love of Lucy bursting out of my heart, each step a pounding of gratitude for the grace and miracles surrounding her death. I ran for Peter and Zoë and their futures. I ran for my marriage. I ran for all the pain and suffering in every heart in this beautiful world. Every stride was a prayer for peace, healing, forgiveness, and love. I passed by a woman sitting on a bench smoking and crying softly to herself. I wondered if she was related to either of the young boys in our community who died recently from drugs. They were best friends. Every drop of sweat was the cleansing of my mind, an extraction of sorrows. No photo or written words could ever do justice to the beauty I beheld with my eyes and felt in my soul this morning. Carry on, humans. We can do this--I love you."

As I sat in the theatre late last night watching the other cast dancing on stage, feeling weary and sad, I was struck again with the truth that "this is why we do theatre. This is why we have art, writing, music...to ease the minds and burdens of those partaking of our creations, if even just for an evening."  

*FYI- I'm in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday cast (which also does the 12:30 matinee on Saturdays)


  1. I am nominating my identical twin sister. I miss her terribly (we don't live in the same state). She could really use a night out. If I lived closer, we would go to the show together.

  2. I would would love a night out. I'm a single mom, working full time and raising 4 amazing kids. My 10 year old (youngest) is my sidekick and loves musicals as much as I do!

  3. I love the theater. I'm excited for the new Hale Theater to open. I think the theater pulls me in because I can be somewhere else as I sit in the dark and watch the play proceed. I love music too. It transports me to another place and time and calms my troubled heart. It's difficult to think of all the heartache that is in the world right now. For those families of those two boys...I can't even remotely being to imagine. Thanks for being an inspiration to many of your blog friends. We've never met but thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life and sharing a bit with us. You have a lovely, special family. Aside from my niece Kendra and another blog friend Ashley Sullenger (both of whom lost their firstborn baby girls), you have the biggest heart ever. I think we grow from life's heartaches and trials. I'm certainly a different person than I was before my husband passed away. Our family, not just me, lost two brother-in-laws (my husband being one of them), my step dad whom we all adored, my beloved mother, and finally little Makenzie Webster...all in a short 2 year span. We all know that life goes on and we can't stay in that awful place but it still hurts and the missing never goes away. I'm glad you keep going, keep acting and singing, keep inspiring others with you wit, humor, and profound words. You totally rock!!


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