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Saturday, September 3, 2016

So much is going on, not even sure where to begin.

Our master bathroom still isn't finished. Can't talk about it.

I did a triathlon and exceeded my expectations (which is very rare and was more than pleasantly surprising). 4th place!! WHAT?!

Vic and I attended a marriage workshop recently that has been a huge help (name one married couple you know who doesn't have to WORK/focus/sacrifice/struggle through their relationship).

I got cast in Sister Act and am currently in rehearsals. I'm tired.

I interviewed to be the drama teacher at Park City High School and wasn't hired. Opposite experience of the triathlon. Wah wah. But it's fine. Really, it is. It was a great learning experience.

Peter started 2nd grade. Lucy would have started 5th grade. I can't really think about it.

Zoë is doing MUCH better in the poop department. Praise be unto Jesus. You have no idea. She still has occasional pee accidents (not poo!) and wears a diaper at night to sleep, but we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were. SO GRATEFUL.

It's been a hot summer. Our air conditioner is broken. Most homes here don't even have A/C but I've wanted to use ours on several occasions. Another day, another project.

I attended (and helped plan) my 20th high school reunion. It was a beautiful experience for me. If I had the time and energy this could be its own beautiful post.

I miss writing. Remember when I used to write and blog often and I had somewhat insightful, interesting things to say? I miss taking the time to stop and express myself that way.

Maybe when Zoë starts preschool next week I'll give it another go. Heaven knows I need some therapy-- and writing (and running) are my cheapest and sometimes most effective options.

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  1. I miss your posts and your writings. You are always so profound and mostly you inspire me to want to do better in life. I'm glad you had a busy, fun summer. Same here. My grandson, who is 6, keeps me busy. My kids still live with me but it's all good. I retired in December so this year has been the year of travel. It's amazing to not work...after working for 44 years!! I think I deserved time at home. Now I spend my time doing things that make me the most happy. Work was a necessary evil but certainly not my life. The best thing about work is that I met some amazing people, and my BFF's. I love your posts...don't give them up. Keep smiling Molly. Do you remember receiving an email from me (Mary Ann)?? I sent you a few photos of the memorial at the SLC Library. I remember one of your posts quite a while back where you took Zoe there but could not find Lucy's name. I found Lucy's name and wanted you to know where it is located. I was up there for the Susan G Koman race. I had never entered library square from the southeast so that's when I noticed the memorial for the first time. Take care. Thanks -- you are amazing.


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