My new favorite dress and a Lula Roe Discount!

Monday, July 25, 2016

People! You've probably heard of Lula Roe. Maybe you haven't. You may already be in love with their INCREDIBLY soft leggings or darling dresses. Maybe you've never heard of them. Maybe you don't care for some of their crazy patterns. Maybe you love some of their crazy patterns. Maybe you love some of their not so crazy patterns. 

I wore this dress last Sunday and I could not keep up with the compliments. Every single young girl in Primary (the children's class at church) complimented me on my dress. The pockets!! The cut! The bright blue that goes with my eyes! The fact that I don't have to fuss and adjust anything! The soft fabric! It's seriously a dream. 

And did I mention I wore black Lula Roe leggings nearly every day on our trip to London? You think all leggings are created equal? They aren't. 

I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with all of their clothing I've tried. But you have to purchase through a consultant. So here's your chance to get 10% off and fall in love with your clothing again. There is something for everyone. Seriously. 

Go to THIS LINK and JOIN the shopping page. You will receive 10% off your first purchase by joining the online shopping group. Kimberly will answer any questions, ship promptly, and be the kindest, least annoying helper with your purchases. 

Happy Shopping!

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