A Poetic Life

Sunday, May 22, 2016

After meeting a darling blog reader the other night (at Peter's thoroughly enjoyable First Grade musical performance), it dawned on me that many of you who aren't connected with me on social media might not be aware of the incredible experience we had last week. 

I've mentioned before that our dear friends are writing a musical based on this blog,  Lucy's death, and the power of social media called "Luz Y Amor". What you may not know is that one of the songs from the show was submitted into a very prestigious competition in London as part of the Stephen Sondheim Society and chosen out of more than 100 songs to be performed on a West End stage. (The West End is England's equivalent to America's Broadway...it's a huge deal). 

Spencer and Shenelle (our friends and composers) were unable to attend so they strongly encouraged us to go represent them and the show and experience the first live performance of this beautiful song about our daughter. (Specifically, this song was inspired by the blog post when we had to clean out Lucy's room and put away all of her bedding, books, clothing, etc.) 

Due to the last minute nature of the trip, we scrambled to figure out how to get everything in order, including finances, and Spencer started a Go Fund Me account to get us there. We have a generous and lovely friend who works for Delta that got us discounted buddy passes (which helped greatly!) and so many friends and even strangers donated to get us to London.

It was an incredible experience. We couldn't have done it without Vic's parents. (They watched the kids). We couldn't have done it without Tokako's buddy passes. We couldn't have done it without our dear, dear friends, the Hill/Bigwood/Wheeler family in London who hosted us (SUCH A TREAT). We couldn't have done it without Spencer and Shenelle. We couldn't have done it without Lucy. 

I thought for a long time that I couldn't do life itself without Lucy. But life (and Lucy) have proven me wrong. Our life is full of so much love and light. Our life is full of so much meaning. 

There is no way to thank each of you who made this possible. Not just this trip to London, but this life we are living now. We're trying our best, like each of you. Sometimes it all feels awfully poetic.

8 years ago today is when it all ended, and it all began.


  1. It has been a pleasure watching your journey from afar. I always find myself applauding you and yours.


  2. What an amazing experience. I'm always grateful for the things you share with your blog friends. I sent you an email about the Library Square memorial. Let me know if you received the email and photos. I admire and appreciate your posts and the beautiful words you write.

  3. Oh my goodness. Molly, my heart breaks for you every time I imagine your experience with Lucy's passing. This video really was moving. The song is so tender and sweet. I'm happy for you in all your fulfillment and new adventures. And I miss Lucy for you! I believe all of you will be together again one day and wonder at how amazing and joyful that will finally be!


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