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Monday, January 18, 2016

First part of Ninjago-

First we have Kai, Zane, umm, Kole and Jay. And also Nia, but she's not a ninja but she's a samurai. And their master is Sensai Woo. Hiya!

So first their enemy was Lord Darmagon. And there was this clock with this helmet that controls the army. And he was attacking Ninjago City. The people were in danger and he had a secret weapon and it turns people bad. And then he turned into a dragon. And once he was big and he was a dragon he can BLOW purple dark thing at people. And it got Kole and Jay. And Kai and Lloyd were the only ones left.

And Kai had to beat his sister because she got zapped by some goo that makes her turn bad. And so Lloyd also had a broken leg but once he go to the top he was going against Lord Darmagon when he was the dragon. He had no weapon and he could still beat him. And he turned into the gold ninja with a dragon. Then the dragon went around and around and made a ball and the dragon with Lloyd on it was tiny eensy weensy. And ate the dragon and Lloyd but they were still alive. And the dragon was saying, "No, NO, NOOO!" and everything turned back to normal.

Then Lord Darmagon turned good and it was Lloyd's father and he also had his mom. And all the ninjas had weapons that are all golden. Also, they can make vehicles. And Kai's was a motorcycle and Kole's was a car that can go on each side (use hands to show this). And Jay's was a jet. And Zane's was this big car that's like it's different and looong and has big huge wheels and it can fit lots of guys and the top can launch off and fly.

Second part of Ninjago-

Then their was this guy that had this bone thing and it had a snake and he had an army that was attacking. But Kai, once they first came to the base, they had this big huge thing that has this secret base. It's a car and a secret base. And it has shooters and there's lots of stuff to navigate. And it did have bad guys. It had a white (and it had a Lego set of it), it's white. There's a white snake and a purple snake. And the army is kiiiind of different. They have lion bones on their heads. And, uh, on their face, they had half white, half purple. And then purple tiny lines on the white and white lines on the purple.

The master that controls them, there is a Lego set with him. The Ninjago team got a new Ninjago master. And she was the orange ninja. And didn't I mention that Kai is red, Kole is black, Jay is blue, and Zane is white.  And so the battle begun. (And Lloyd's dad was also a master)

And then we have part three--

So they fought the guys. At the end, Sensai Woo turned into bad and then there was this other guy that looked like the green ninja, but wasn't. He was the bad guy. He was black and green. And there was these blades that he wanted to destroy something. And the ninjas thought he was bad but he was really good he was just in his bad suite since he got turned bad. And then he was killed and then the ninjas put a grave and they put all their powers down to him and Zane was the master. He turned and he was the master.

That was the end.

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  1. I am impressed with Peter's first blog post. I will read this very compelling and interesting story to my 5-year-old grandson. He will love it. Peter is so darling...getting big...always a beautiful smile and that hair. He's going to break a lot of hearts someday!!


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