Goodness, Gracious Neighbors!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Every Halloween, our extremely generous and talented neighbors do FREE Halloween portraits for all the neighborhood kids and their friends. This year did not disappoint!  Honestly, it was a REALLY great Halloween. The weather in PC was spectacular and I loved how our family-themed costumes turned out.  

Of course I thought of our Lucy. My kids do such an incredible job remembering her and incorporating her into our everyday lives. "Let's carve a pumpkin for Lucy." "What would Lucy dress up as this year with us?" Or..."I'll get some extra candy...for Lucy."


  1. Love the photos! So fun and adorable!

  2. Wonderful photos. You and Vic are definitely super heros in my book. I love the costumes and the smiles in every photo. Glad you did a pumpkin for Lucy. My grandson was Sonic (he's 5) and my kids were scary skeletons. I did my normal purple witch costume, which I wear every year for Garnder Village's "Wichapalooza." Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year...a day when we can be something other than our normal selves, which in my case is rather boring!! LOL


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