Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Took a trip to the big apple and bean town last month. 

It was heavenly. 

Saw friends. 

Saw shows. 

Saw friends in shows. 

Ate food. 

Walked A LOT.

Tried to get into Jimmy Fallon show. No go. 

The weather was heavenly. 

I loved spending time alone. It fed my soul like a redneck at Chuck-a-Rama. 

Took a bus to Boston. 

DELIGHTED in my nephew and niece. 

Went to a rock show that my brother judged. 

Walked around the historic city, as usual. 

Breathed it all in. 


Wonderful brother. 

Amazing sister in law. 

Laughed a lot. 

Cried some. 

Missed Lucy. 

Went to hot yoga with brother. 

Went on some runs. 

Walked the Minute Man trail in Concord with Vic's cousin and wife. Love them. 

The weather. Did I mention it? 


Lost 6 pounds. Have gained it all back. 

Felt cute.  Loved wearing my new white, high-top Chucks. 

Had a great time. 

Missed Vic. 

Was a champ on the flights, mostly. (We've talked about the fear of flying that I have developed after Lucy died, haven't we?)

Want to travel the world every second. 

Love my family and friends. 

LOVED the musical "Something Rotten". LOVED. 

Seeing a bestie dressed as a gorgeous woman in drag in "Kinky Boots" was a trip. He was fantastic. 

I laughed. I cried. It was better than "Cats."


  1. Hooray for you flying despite your fear. It takes a lot out of me to get on an airplane, too, since our daughter died (why??). But it's so worth it. NYC and Boston--sounds like a great trip.

  2. Hi Molly! I haven't visited the blog world in a while, but took a chance to catch up on your blog tonight. Congrats on doing another show! I miss seeing the shows at Hale Center theater. They always do a fabulous job and I'm sure your show was no different. I love reading your insights on life. Keep up all of the good work you're doing in life. Sending you love from Texas! Next time I'm in Utah let's go take a run in Park city for old time's sake.

  3. What a great adventure!! I've only been to NYC once and loved it. My sister, 5 nieces (30 somethings) and a niece-in-law's mom went 2 years ago. It was amazing. Glad you laughed, cried, and laughed some more. Love the hightop chucks!! You are styling Little Miss!! P.S. I wish my magnolia tree would bloom. My BFF and her husband came to my house the day after my husband's funeral to plant it in memory of him. it bloomed once and then hasn't since....I may need some hortoculturist help!! LOL

  4. if i tell you i served my mission in bean town will you love me more? cuz i did. and i am totes jealous that you went- it looks GLORIOUS!!


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