My sunrise baby turns six

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Peter Parker,

Remember when we cuddled in bed the other night and I told you all the details of the day you were born? You stroked my arm and listened intently when I described how much it hurt to push you out, how wide your shoulders were. You asked questions about my "water breaking" and I told you how the chord was wrapped around your neck three times.

You remembered how happy your birth made me and daddy. I know, because you said something about how sad we'd been after Lucy died. "And then I came and you got happy and then Zoe was came and you got even happier!" I guess you could say it like that...

But what I didn't tell you is that we sometimes refer to you as our "Sunrise Baby". Do you know what that means, sweetie? You know how you always get sad when it starts to get dark outside because it means you have to stop playing and go to bed? You whine and cry and pout because you usually want to keep working on building your Lego sets or watching cartoons. Well, when Lucy died, it was like all the lights in the world went out. There were no more toys for us to play with or things that made us happy. The whole world stopped.

But do you remember what happens after we tuck you in at night and sing, "You are my Sunshine"? You always complain that it's going to take forever for the next day to come, especially when you are counting down days until your birthday, or a trip to see cousins, or Christmas. But you close your sweet little eyes, your long brown lashes resting on your freckled cheeks, and before you know it, the sun has risen and it is a bright, new, beautiful day waiting to be filled with adventure.

That's what you did for us, Peter. You were the sunrise after our deepest, darkest, tear-soaked night. And you brought so much hope and renewal with you. You are such a ham and there has NEVER been a dull moment with you.

Thank you for coloring our world. Thank you for allowing us to open our eyes on a new day instead more darkness. You are our little Peter Parker and we love you to pieces. (Despite you thinking that I "don't love my favorite son after all" because I wouldn't read you a story tonight. And despite the fact that I crushed your dreams of being a rock star by signing you up for "the wrong instrument"). You are so adorable and enthusiastic about life. Your Spider Man birthday party was so much fun today!

It's been a wonderfully exhausting six years with you, my sunrise baby boy. I will love you everyday that the sun rises and sets and beyond,



  1. Exactly how I feel about my sunshine boy, who incidentally is obsessed with Spider-Man too! Did he tell you that during our visit? Happy Birthday to Peter

  2. Beautiful and perfect. We always called our boys rainbow babies - they were the rainbow after the storm - but I think I might like sunrise baby even more.

  3. Beautifully stated. What a darling boy.


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