What I'm Running From

Monday, March 23, 2015

8 miles. 

That's how far I ran on Saturday. 

62 minutes. 

That's how long it took me. 

A long distance to some. 

Short to others. 

Many will say I was fast.  

More will say it was average. 

I do it because I love it. 

I do it because I need it. 

When I got home, I mentioned something about it on "The Facebook" and received a variety of responses. 

The one that stood out to me most was written by my reliably funny friend, Oliver, wherein he asked, "What were you running from? Zat is ze real question."

And I've pondered this question. 

For 2 days now the answer has come immediately and clearly--

From Myself. 

Always from myself. 

Running from my fears

My insecurities

My grief

My pain

My mistakes


Nothing is as dangerous to me as myself

But for the past 2 minutes another answer crept into my conscious. 

I don't think I'm running FROM anything. 

I'm running TOWARD something. 


Mental stability




Love of self

For so many years I've looked at my runs and my walks and hikes and bike rides and dances and ski trips as running away from my life. 

Away from my troubles. 

Away from my worries. 

Away from myself. 

I've either turned a corner or put on new sunglasses, because I don't think I'm running away anymore. I'm running toward. 

And it feels good. 

It feels right. 

I'm not afraid. 


  1. What beautiful words. I hope to run towards something, eventually, too.

  2. I agree....beautiful post. Run....run towards life!! Me?? I'm not a runner but I walk very fast toward my grandson, toward retirement, toward my next golf ball, toward life too!!


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