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Monday, January 5, 2015
We had a wonderful, exhausting, fun-filled Christmas vacation. Vic wasn't able to take as much time off of work as we would have liked, but we still managed to get a lot of quality time in with the kiddos, Vic's family (all but one of his siblings came to Utah), and then my parents who came from Russia for a visit!

We held our famous annual gingerbread competition (more on that later), ate far too much food, and had a great time watching the cousins play (and fight). But the highlight, for me, was one of the gifts Vic gave me.

Amongst the wrapping paper chaos, Zoë lying sickly and out of energy on the couch (the poor girl has an abscessed tooth and has to have surgery this week!) he waited until the end of the unwrapping fanfare and handed me this folder but told me I couldn't flip through it yet. He then got out a little brown scroll (we wrap all of our presents in brown paper) and read/sang a poem to the tune, "The 12 Days of Christmas" that he had written, that coincided with each date he had planned.

He might kill me for telling you this, but he cried as he reached the end of the poem. I was so touched and excited by this gift, I brought it to his parent's home later Christmas Day so I could show them. I admit I also choked up while reading it. And again when I read it to my parents. If you're lucky, I'll read/cry it to you someday. 

The work of marriage can feel awfully heavy at times. I've said it before, that Vic and I have some pretty major differences, yet, we really do enjoy being together and having adventures. The mutual love we have for our children is limitless. Personally, I think we are a pretty fantastic couple. Yet, he has to forgive me for my mistakes and shortcomings over and over and deal with my general insanity.  To me, this gift was telling me, "I'm still trying. I'm still in this. I still want to have fun with you and make you happy and enjoy our time together. I love you." And no one can ever hear or feel those words too much. I mean...the little drawings! The Groupons and coupons and classes. It's perfect. 

You can go ahead and pin it now. --Ahhh, crap. I just realized that no man or husband is ever going to see it if it's on Pinterest. 


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