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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hi guys, 

My family and I have been so busy having fun this summer that my mommy hasn't blogged much lately. You see that photo of me laying on my mommy's lap? That was me after a long day of swimming and hiking. My mommy loves me so much and thinks I'm the most beautiful little girl. She's constantly trying to kiss me and sometimes squeezes me so tightly I think I'm going to burst!

I wanted to give her a break from blogging so I decided to write this one for her. She wanted to let you know that DAVID JOYNER is the winner of the Sutton Foster giveaway. I guess this means I will be with a babysitter that night. I'm sure we will have lots of fun. After all, I am the cutest. 

Here I am with my daddy. We are sharing a delicious pear. I'm so lucky to have yummy fruit to eat and a daddy who loves me and works hard for our family. We have so much fun together! He throws me way up high in the pool and tickles me and plays with me. I love running to him when he gets home from work and squealing, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" 

My mommy starts rehearsals today for her new show, "Catch Me If You Can." She walks around the house all day singing songs from the show at the top of her lungs. "And I'm take Doctors orders!" My brother has started singing along. He even changes some of the lyrics and it makes us all giggle. I think he gets that from my Mommy. 

Mommy is excited about the show because she will get to do so much dancing! It's so fun when my Mommy does a show because I get to meet so many new and fun people. I love going to the theatre to visit and I get lots of extra time in the evenings with my daddy. If you want to see my Mommy in the show, go to the Hale Centre Theatre on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday night (or Saturday matinee at 12:30). 

There is so much more to tell you about our summer adventures and all that I'm learning. But I want to go watch my favorite morning cartoon "Strawberry Cake". Thank you for reading my Mommy's blog and being so kind to my family. We love you!

Kisses and Hugs, 

Zoë June


  1. Cute post....Glad you have had an event filled summer!!! Just stopping by to see if you could post about my 5k run I am holding with a few other mothers who have lost a child to a drowning? Just to bring more awareness to the matter.
    and also I wanted to post a pict of sweet Lucy at the run...can you email me a pic?
    Tiffany Hebb

  2. ahhhh hello cute little bug! I'm so glad you updated your mommy's blog because we all wait in anticipation for the next post. You are a gem & your beauty is from your gorgeous momma. lucky you.
    p.s. this is candace using her husband's account... whoops


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