Joey and Zoë

Monday, July 28, 2014
Blogging? Who blogs? Why blog? Do people still read blogs? Huh.

We went to Bear Lake this past weekend with several families from Park City. These are families whom we love love love. These are people who have been with us for the long haul since Lucy died. They were part of our lives before she died too...and will always be a part of our lives.

Two of the couples on the trip picked out Lucy's (and mine and Vic's) burial spot. (We were unable to pick it out ourselves due to some timing issues. She died over Memorial Day weekend and we were on a tight schedule to make the cut off time in order for her to be buried the day after Memorial Day. We didn't want to leave her side for a moment and our dear friends set out to perform the difficult task of finding just the right spot for our princess).

missing from the photo: John and Debbie Flint and their son, A.J. Also, Peter. And Mike and Stacey Rasmuson and daughter, Hallie. Added to the photo but wasn't on the trip with us: Rachael Charles. Ha. (We met up at the park the day after we came home to visit and relive the trip). 

In other words, these people are like family to us. We packed up our camping gear Thursday morning and headed out. We didn't sleep much...if at all. It was horrible as far as sleep was concerned. I don't even want to relive the epic tantrum that Zoë had at 1:30 a.m. our first night there.

But I DO want to relive some of the great moments we had. The boating, the wake boarding, the food, the laughs, the kids playing with each other, the biking, the running, the swimming. It was marvelous.

But my very favorite thing was seeing my Zoë with a very special boy named Joey. If you've read the entire story of the day Lucy choked , then you know that Joey's lips are the last that Lucy ever kissed. Lucy loved Joey and his entire family.  Joey was an honorary Pall Bearer at Lucy's funeral. He was far too little to carry the casket.

Since Lucy's death, Joey and his family moved to Boise, Idaho--so we only see them on occasion. Joey and his sister, Kalena, met Zoë when she was just 4 weeks old. They were shocked at how big she and Peter both have gotten.

It takes a long time for Zoë to warm up to someone. No matter how friendly or bright or fun you are, she usually wants nothing to do with you unless you have had some significant bonding time. Usually involving popcorn or treats or puppies. So we were surprised at the way she immediately took to Joey. And not just a little bit.

He was so sweet with her, so protective and brotherly with her. I am entirely letting myself believe that their special and immediate bond was because of Lucy. 

Have you ever seen such a thing? The KOA campground in Bear Lake was quite the place! But I won't be camping again with these little ones for another couple of years. 

I really wish I knew how much goes on on the other side. My kids seem to know and understand and accept so much when it comes to Lucy. Just today, Peter was going on about an amazing idea he had that when Jesus comes back, and Lucy comes back, that we can all be together and that I will be forbidden to give her an apple again...and then we can all live together. "Ok, Mom?"

And yes, Kalena and I (Joey's 15 yr. old sister) stood there while they jumped on the pillow and planned their wedding. Joey and Zoë. Joey's parent's are 12 years apart, which is less than he and Zoë--it could work. 


  1. Joey and Zoe...sounds nice. And reminds me of some Twilight wolf imprinting. :)

  2. Such a sweet are amazing aren't they. Our camping trip....we went to Strawberry on Sunday to Tuesday this week. Doesn't sound too long for a tent camping adventure, right?? Well... except camping in the rain rain rain...did I mention it rained?? But we made the best memories...especially the hide-and-seek in the rain and grandma (me) with my bright red umbrella!! Fun times!!


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