Update on the Schnauz

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Here's the dill. This anesthesia business is no joke. It's been six days and I am still dizzy and loopy. Each day gets better...but it takes effort to not walk in circles. When I focus on something, be it T.V. or cooking or taking care of the kids, I can push past it. But the minute I sit down or stop focusing on a task, I feel a bit tipsy.

The good news is that I'm breathing better. The swelling peaked at day 3 (Father's Day) and I can feel it gradually going down. Hallelujah. I still have to sleep elevated and on my back, which is not the most comfortable, but I am in a safe, clean home with my little loves. I'm on a comfortable mattress with pillows and my husband reads me to sleep every night. (Our current obsession is the Flavia DeLuce series by Alan Bradley. Absolutely delightful!) And I just had a surgery that I've always wanted--so I really have no complaining to do.

But let's cut to the chase. The photo below is me at day 5--which was yesterday. I'm wearing makeup for the first time but you can still see the yellowing under my eyes and the patch of purple bruising. (Yes, those are my real eyelashes. I only point that out because I've gotten a barrage of comments about them lately. I think with all the eyelash extension stuff out there these days, people are asking more and more if mine are real.)

During surgery, the doctor made a "W" shaped incision under my nose (in between the two nostrils) and pulled the nose back. Then he placed in the plastic "button" (to bridge my lower and upper septum--I had a hole, remember?), filed down the bump on the top of my nose and shaped and stitched the tip. 

Today the nurse took off all my bandages and outer stitches! I have to say...it is WEIRD. I have a new nose! I am still very swollen and there is still a butt load (it seems) of inner stitches.  However, you can still get a very good idea of how the finished product is going to look. 

I just snapped these with my phone so you can't see all the gruesome details. But believe me when I say I definitely look like I just had plastic surgery...ya know? It is hard for me to smile because it pulls on the nose and hurts. I still feel very plasticy and numb. But it's such a relief to have that outer splint off and to have permission to get my nose wet. 

Doctor Randal Swenson said (I totally just dropped his full name again because if you are thinking of having anything done on your face...be it an eye lift or face lift or nose job--he is the man to call) that the most common comment I will get is that people will think I've lost weight. I saw a friend this afternoon and she said it looked like I'd had a face lift. Interesting. 

So there you have it. A quick peek at Molly's new nose. I think the 50 year-old me is going to be very glad that I did this. But it is going to take some getting used to. No question. And like I said, I am still very swollen so this is not the final outcome. Some of you may like it, some of you may not...and that's totally fine. 

I'll post more photos in the coming days as it continues to change. It is still surreal to me that I actually did this. 


  1. Are you kidding?? I love it and you're so gorgeous!

  2. Cool! Can we also get a glimpse of both sides and stuff?? It looks really great and natural.

  3. You know what? I love it! And you still look like you. How do you feel?

  4. Molly.. you were so pretty before and now even more so!! Your "new" nose is perfect <3

  5. Molly you were beautiful before and you're beautiful after:) The thing that makes you the most beautiful is your heart. I think it's wonderful that you did this for yourself. Cheers to feeling as fabulous as you truly are!!!

  6. Dahlink.....You look marvelous!!! Love it. I wish I had the courage to get mine done. I have the same hole and a bump too but I guess I'll keep it. I really like the new nose and you are even more beautiful. Hope to see pics of your vaca. It's always good to get away but there's no place like home, right?? Have a wonderful fun-filled summer. I love this time of year.


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