A Birthday Letter to my Zoë June

Sunday, June 22, 2014

To my Petite Red-Headed Princess,

We flew in from Costa Rica on your 2nd birthday, June 5th.  I was so anxious to see you and wrap my arms around your tiny little body.

When Stacey (our friend who picked us up from the airport) pulled up the the curb with you in the backseat, I could hardly believe how grown up you looked! She had done your hair in two low piggy tails and you were wearing a new pink, fluffy birthday dress. Your hair is getting so long!

I ran to the car and watched as you kicked your feet excitedly in your car seat, your giant Julia Roberts smile beaming across your face. Your big brother unbuckled himself and jumped out to give me and daddy a hug. After loading our luggage in the trunk, I hopped in and sat next to you in the back, marveling at your beauty.

As we drove home, I couldn't stop kissing you and tickling you and squeezing you. You are two! You are beautiful! You are my baby!

We said our thank you's and goodbyes to Stacey and decided to go out for dinner to celebrate. You and your brother were so sweet with each other, and so happy to see us. I was so worried you would be upset that we'd left you for 8 days. It was such a joy to be together again as a family.

It's hard to believe you have surpassed your sister's age. The other day, while you were, yet again, watching Frozen, I started getting so emotional as I heard the red-headed Anna singing a duet with her blonde sister, "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?" I mourn that my girls cannot be together. I have no doubt you would idolize her. You copy Peter's every move as it is. I can only imagine how you would be with Lucy.

Zoë--you have brought healing to our family. Of course it was wonderful to have Peter in our arms again after Lucy died...but there was something about you, from the second you were born, that cooled the fire of our grief. Of my three children, you are by far the most calm, the most sweet, the most agreeable. I can actually reason with you! If you don't want to get in your car seat, I can explain to you why you need to and you will say, "Ok", and get right in. If you are walking the wrong direction, I can take you by the hand and lead you the right way. Simple as that. I would have spent 30 minutes dealing with a tantrum from hell if you were Peter in that situation. You are my only child to sit still in my lap while I read a book, who will cuddle with me while I rock you to sleep, and who would take a binky. You just amaze me.

You aren't perfectly behaved all the time...of course not. But you make me melt with your utter adorableness. It is more than I can handle sometimes. Thank you for being patient with your mommy as she balances everything in life.

I love you, my Zoë June. Tiny, petite, lively, gorgeous, adorable, darling, loving, sweet, cuddly, gregarious YOU. I love watching you sing and dance. You are amazingly coordinated and your awareness of stage presence and how to hold your body is truly astounding for a 2 year old. I have no idea where you get it. (wink) Watching you learn and grow each day is the source of some of my greatest joy. I love you more than you may ever know.

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Zoë June is just too precious for words <3

  2. Beautiful letter and picture. She sure is a sweetheart.

  3. beautiful girl. beautiful words.

  4. Happy belated Birthday beeee-u-tiful Zoe June. She's something else, isn't she?? What a wonderful letter to your darling girl.


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