Birthday Interview

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peter turns 5 on April 8th! I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with him while he works on constructing his very first Lego set (we waited until Zoë was old enough that she no longer put every thing in sight into her mouth before we let Peter get little Legos). He's working very intently on putting together his golden Ninajago Dragon.

And I think this is the time to give him his birthday interview. I'm so in love with him I can't stand it.

What is your name?


Peter what?


What's your middle name?


What's your favorite thing to do? favorite thing to do is playing ith my dragon and building it.

What are you hoping you'll get for your birthday?

Some Legos

Who are the people that you love? friends.

Is there anyone else you love besides your friends?

Just my friends.

What about your family?

And I love my family

Who are your friends that you love?

Soren. Umm...Hayden. Hallie. And, uh, David. And John. And Liam. Tommy and Angel. And Lucy.

Your sister Lucy?

Uh huh. And Zoë. Her have read hair. And I miss Lucy. And I love Mommy.

What about daddy?

Hmmm...Hmmmm...But it's just my friends to eat. But I need a bigger cake, mom.

What's your favorite food?

Ice cream.

Really? Anything else? 

Just ice cream.

What sports do you like to play?

Baseball. And I like to ride my bike. And I'm going to start soccer.

I can't believe you are turning five! (I said this as he sat on my lap, my arms wrapped around his growing chest). You have to always be my little boy and give me loves and kisses and cuddles. And then you are going to be 6! Then 7, 8, 9, 10, 11...then you'll go to high school and on a mission and to college and then you'll get married and then you'll be a daddy and you'll make me a grandma! I can't believe it!

His response to all this:

"But....I don't know how to type!"

I'm glad that's your only concern, son. I love you with all my liver and lungs!


  1. He's such a doll - and so are you Molly! What a fabulous idea. My daughter turned 5 a few weeks back and I'm totally doing this. :)

  2. Melting.....he is so adorable. My little grandson turns 4 in how the time has flown by. I know your Peter was a Godsend to you as is your darling Zoe. I feel the same with my little grandson. He was born in May 2010. Just in the nick of time. He gave me a reason to keep breathing and to smile and be happy again after losing my husband and both parents in the year preceeding his birth. I'm so lucky and blessed. Your children are so precious. I love the interview!!! I agree with Candace....great idea.

  3. P. S. I saw Les Mis at Hale a few weeks ago with friends but I'm going again on April 16th with my sister. I hope you are performing that night. I loved it the first time and will love it all over again. I've seen this play at the Broadway in SLC and Tuachan but I must say I love the smaller venue and the closeness to the actors at Hale.


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