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Sunday, March 23, 2014
Dear Molly,

You don't know me, and I don't know you but a few years ago I discovered your blog and read about your heart wrenching experience of losing your precious Lucy. Reading your story connected me to you as a mother, I ached for you, a stranger.   I am beginning to realize that life is fragile, motherhood is sacred and our children are a gift from our Heavenly Father only on loan to us for a while. I have learned many lessons from you Molly, and I am inspired by you and your beautiful daughter Lucy.

I wanted to share this with you.....

This time last year we were placed in our home a tiny, fragile 6 week old baby. She was born addicted to heroin and spent the first few weeks of her life withdrawing from drugs, shaking and crying out in pain. She fought for her life the 1st month of her life in the NICU. She was then placed in foster care because her mom is on the street and her dad is in jail.  We welcomed this sweet little girl into our family not knowing what her fate would be.

She has developed and grown into a happy and clever little girl, strong and bright. She has overcome every obstacle that has been in her way in her short life.

We have grown to love her as our very own.

Recently we were given permission to name her.

We have chosen "Lucia" in honour of your beautiful girl who was too special and wonderful for this world.  Lucia =meaning light! We can't think of a more appropriate name for our little ray of light who came from such a dark situation and shines bright and victorious (as your "Lucia" does from Heaven)  What a blessing she is to this world. We ask your blessing upon this name choice, and know how special and sacred a name it is to you and your family.

This week we learned that our baby girl is going to be staying with us forever! We will be officially adopting her on May 27th 2014 a beautiful day for our family. We plan to be sealed to her soon afterwards in the Gilbert AZ temple. There will be rejoicing in heaven and on earth. I wonder if your Lucia was a heavenly helper for our baby to find her eternal family?

Editor's Note-My heart doesn't know how to handle getting emails like this. This family is downright amazing. They have adopted two children, had 2 more via sperm donation, will soon (as mentioned in her letter to me) be adopting Lucia and have 2 more foster children in her care. She is also from Scotland! Which...just makes her down right cool. People have such huge, amazing hearts. I am more than honored to share our Lucia's name with this incredible family. 


  1. Tears flowing now....what a beautiful family. Little Lucia is such a darling baby girl and what an honor for her to be named after your own beautiful daughter. My husband and I adopted our son...way back when adopting seemed so foreign to people...even to my good friends and family. I remember someone asking me how long we were going to keep him? What? We adopted him...he is our son forever. It really doesn't matter how this family ended up with their beautiful children, what matters is that they are a family forever. Their capacity to love must be heaven-sent for sure. What a beautiful post!! Thank you for sharing this. It certainly has brightened my Monday morning.

  2. My heart is bursting! Thank you for sharing this with us! This is too special for words! What a beautiful story!

  3. What an incredible family! What an honor for your Lucia to have such a special little girl named after her.

  4. Beautiful post! And what an honor for them to name their daughter after your beautiful Lucia. Do you know if this family has a blog? As an adoptive mama myself, I would love to read more about their story.

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  6. That is an amazing story! Just wanted you to know I still read your blog, friend :)


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