Everyday Magic

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Nothing significant happened this weekend. We didn't go to any special events or even have a date night, just me and The Vic Mister. No parties, no fancy restaurants. We didn't spend any money going to museums or bounce houses or the zoo. We just played and played and played. 

And it was magical. 



We started the day at an amazing park in Daybreak (I can't handle the temptation of Daybreak. Every time I go there, which is often, I have dreams of selling our PC house and moving into a brand new place...with kids everywhere, parks, trails...it is so tempting!). It was a bit windy but we played to our hearts content. 

I had to say goodbye to the kiddos and head to my matinee...which went well. I love my job. 

After my show, we headed to Memory Grove. Memory Grove is one of my favorite places in Salt Lake. It fascinates me. We fed the ducks, chased dogs, threw balls, played frisbee, went exploring up the trail, I got to run a few miles, and we just breathed in the beautiful Spring air. It was heaven on earth. 

I CANNOT stress enough to you how insanely adorable this little Zoë June is. I am not humanely capable of handling her adorableness. I can kiss her and squeeze her and tickle her until the cows come home, but I will NEVER be able to get enough. 

Then we've got his little stinker. He's as fun and darling and amazing as he is stubborn and strong-willed. He and I are so much alike it scares me. 

I honestly thought my heart might burst wide open this weekend. My life is not perfect or easy, just like all of you, but there are moments when it seems too good to be true. I spent all day on Saturday (minus my time on stage) in my workout clothes and running shoes. I swear to you that this makes all the difference in my day. I can run and jump and play just as hard as my kids. I feel comfortable and cute and it makes me feel like I want to move my body. I do enjoy dressing in "regular" cute clothes, but MAN...I could live in workout clothes. 

I hope I can continue to take time to look around at the everyday beauty in my life--my children, my spouse, my friends, my health--and see the magic in it. 

Everything in Spring feels like magic. Even though it happens every single year, I am always, always amazed at the grass turning green, the trees starting to bud, the tulips peeking their heads out. The fact that nature transforms like this is simply astounding to me! And no matter how many diapers I change or tantrums I manage to live through, I am constantly amazed at the magic of my children. The way they learn and grow and talk and run and dance and laugh and live. Who are these beautiful creatures?

Even my Lucy watching over us feels magical sometimes. 


  1. yay :)
    and i am SO with you on the workout clothes thing. WORK OUT CLOTHES FOREVER, amen.

  2. I love reading your blog! Speccially at night time...when my little ones are sleeping and everything is so quiet! You were so close to my home!!! I live in Daybreak! And we love it!!! next time we should meet at the Park! We go there a lot!!! Kisses and thank you for sharing a little bit of your beautiful mind. 💜

  3. Love this post. And trust me when I say that Daybreak is everything you could imagine and more. It has exceeded my expectations a hundred times over.

  4. Beautiful post, Molly, and Kudos to being able to recognize the beauty in the 'normal every day life.' I just love hearing your thoughtful advice & zeal for this life!

  5. My most favorite times are at the park with my little grandson....I love his laughter, how he finds a "friend" to play with, plays on every slide, goes up and down them, doesn't want to leave, but when we do, his face is all pink and rosey. Those are the best of times. Those times go by so fast. They really are magical and special. I love your post about doing everyday things...those are days when I fully understand how special life is. Your angel Lucy was probably laughing, jumping and skipping because she was happy knowing her family was happy.


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