Dear Grandpa (Or...step away from the scissors)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dear Grandpa, 

My mommy wanted me to write you a letter to clear up any confusion over my fabulous 20's haircut performed by a blind man. 

But before we get into the haircut, I wanted to say thank you for letting me and my brother come play at your house for a day! We had so much fun getting into the cookie jar, swinging on the backyard swing, going to C-A-L Ranch to look at baby ducklings and rabbits. I really, really want a baby rabbit. Maybe for Easter. Please?

I love chasing your dog, Bear, around the house, building trains, playing with blocks, and watching cartoons. You are the best Grandpa in the world! I always feel safe and happy with you and love sitting in your lap while you read me books. Thank you for taking such good care of me. 

My mommy says she had a wonderful day without me and Peter around to bug her. She got to recover from doing so many shows, go on a run, clean the house, and get a lot of things done. I love coming home to a happy and well-rested mommy!

But let's cut to the chase here, Pops. What exactly were you thinking? If I had the words, I would have told you that my mommy pulls my hair back into a pony tail or puts a cute bow in it to keep the hair out of my eyes. It was long enough to braid or even put in two pony tails! But it was fun watching you try to stay steady as I squirmed around and wondered what on earth you were doing to me. 

Mommy was sad when she came home from her show late last night and daddy told her what had happened. She came into my room at midnight and turned on the flashlight so she could get a look at me. It woke me up. So mommy let me get out and play for a while. She rocked me and sang to me and couldn't decide if she wanted to laugh or cry at my new appearance. 

When daddy broke the news to her that "something had happened to one of our children"...she expected something awful. A broken bone, a loss of a while it was somewhat of a relief for her that neither of those things were true, she was still sad about it. Not mad. Shocked, maybe. Confused. AMAZED! 

But my mommy wanted to tell you that she's not mad. Don't get me wrong...she was very upset. But now that she's had a little bit of time to digest it, things are settling down for her a little. She tried calling today but nobody answered the phone. Maybe you are hiding in a corner somewhere. Or maybe you have gone about your day very happy, knowing that your grand-daughter no longer has hair in her face, obstructing the view of this wonderful world. But no matter the case, Mommy still loves you. My hair will grow back. We will let it grow and in a few years, Mommy will have a "first haircut redo" where she will save my lock of hair for her scrapbook or locket. 

Hair grows. I'm still the most beautiful little red head in all the land. I'm healthy and happy...and I didn't even realize that I look different. Mommy lost my big sister, so losing a little bit of my hair isn't worth getting upset about. Especially because she knows you did it because you love me. She pinned it back today with a clip and you could hardly tell! The problem is that I like to take the bows out of my hair as often as I can. 

I love you, Grandpa. Cutting my hair was a high price to pay for mommy to have a day of peace and quiet. She'll let me and Peter come play with you again. But next time, she's hiding the scissors. 


  1. Oh my word - this is SO funny. But not. ;) My father-in-law did the same thing and I was NOT happy. He was just so frustrated that my little boy couldn't see! Can't wait to see you next week!! Your friends in PG. :)

  2. oh my! I would be quite upset!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Shocking is exactly how I would describe it if someone cut my child's hair. Glad you have perspective and realize it's not going to scare her for life, but I am not such a forgiving person and I'm afraid it would scare me for life:) Sending love from Riverton, Charlene

  4. Bold move, Grandpa! There's a baldness joke to be made here, if I wasn't so exhausted.

  5. My mom had a friend babysit me for the day and when she picked me up my hair looked like little orphan annie! She had cut and permed my was a disaster! I would think altering someone's hair without their parents permission would be on the "duh" list. It just isn't done!

  6. She could never be anything but adorable...but don't let grandpa have scissors ever again!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! REALLY?!!! That is a wild story! Sometimes first haircuts just don't happen how we ever imagined, like when we had two sibling weddings within a week of each other and a goat at a petting zoo chewed off most of my 18-month-old's pigtail days before we were headed out of town for the big events :). It makes a great story now, just like grandpa's story will be fun someday...but today? Not so much.

    Also, as the (ill-considered) owner of two darling Dutch bunnies (and the mother to 3 young children), I can tell you that you'll really be cursing grandpa's name if he gives your kids a bunny for Easter. I HOPE he doesn't do that to you too!!! :).

  8. Oh Molly I am so sorry! Sadly though, I can relate..... See my little 2 year old bundle of joy has a 17 month older sister who we have now named "Edward Scissor Hands". They love to play "princess" well last fall my older of the two decided her little sister didn't want long hair. So she chopped the crap out of it, and left my sweet baby with spikes, nicks, and hacks all over her beautiful little head. Might I add this also happen at my husbands parents house! I cried, screamed and then laughed a little...... Then I too decided that it could have been way worse and hair does grow back. So I ended up having my friend who knows how to cut hair, cut it into a very cute pixie hair cut. I was enjoying having it just start to get long enough again I could put Pig tails back in it a few weeks ago. Well, guess what!? Yup, once again that little pooh found my only pair of scissors that are not under lock and key and chopped her hair yet again!! So I am back to square one and I loved your last message here where you said your beautiful Zoe is still the most beautiful little red head in all the land. I'm healthy and happy.. Well put..
    So I too will just embrace the fact that my kids are healthy and happy and my sweet baby is still beautiful, even with boy short hair!! haha A little side note: I get some crazy looks when I am out shopping with her. I think they see the cute pink girl clothes and then the oh so short hair and wonder what kind of mother I am haha I feel at times I need to put her in a T Shirt that read's " My older sister doesn't think I need long hair."


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