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Thursday, February 27, 2014
Today marks one month since I got the news that my dear friend, Justin, passed away. I'm learning how to re-train my brain. I can no longer call him when I have a bad day, or a stupid joke to share, or a business idea. In fact, I was having a particularly awful day a week or so ago (partly because of his death) and I honestly had the thought, "Duh. Why don't you call Justin and chat about it? He always talks you through things." I'm just not used to his absence.

But I'm just a close friend. A very close friend. But I'm not his mother...or his sister whom he lived with. And they are hurting and feeling the emptiness of the space he left far more than I.

With his mom coming to opening night of my show, I knew I wanted to get her something as a keepsake of her amazing boy. I discovered a company called Jewelry Keepsakes and was so pleased with how the necklace turned out. The photos are actually engraved on the pendants. Justin's mother is a very classy woman, so I wanted something simple but elegant. And this was perfect. I like that it is understated. You can see the etching of Justin's face clearer in certain directions or under certain lighting, but in others, it is very faint. There is some symbolism in that for me.

Cheryl loves the necklace. I don't think she's taken it off since I gave it to her. I remember doing the same with Lucy. I wore either a locket with her hair inside, or a photo necklace another angel mom had given me everyday for almost two years. I have several different wonderful necklaces and bracelets thoughtful friends and blog readers have gifted me and I still wear them. They mean the world to me. 

I also gave Justin's mom my copy of the book, Tear Soup. If there is someone in your life who has suffered a loss, I cannot recommend both this company ( and this book (Tear Soup) enough. 

Just yesterday I got awful news that my sister-in-law's brother passed away. I think both of these items are the perfect gifts for her and her mother...along with love and compassion and a listening ear. 

People suffer. Everyday, all around us, people are suffering. I can promise you it makes a difference--a big difference--when you make the time to do small things like this. I'm not always great at it, but I'm trying to be better. 

I'm glad that Justin's mom has her son's photo close to her heart now. He truly was love personified. 


  1. I was told about Tear Soup from a friend of mine who is a grief counselor at a hospital. It is really good. I gave it to my sister in law after her 2 year old drowned in September. I also gave it to my in-laws at the same time. They have not only lost their little grandson, but a 32 year old son (5 years ago), a sister, mother, and father. Nearly everyone has grief and hard things to go through.

  2. What I find amazing about you Molly is that you have the ability to step outside your own grief and heartache to see how much someone else is suffering. You've been there done that so you were the perfect person to comfort and help Justin's mother. She must be so happy he had such an awesome friend. I love the pendant...I'm going to check out both those companies.

  3. What a perfect gift. I still wear my Joy necklace. I'm so sorry about Justin.

  4. Love it! I ordered one for my mother in law so glad u shared. Thank u

  5. I bought this necklace for my sister in law who just lost her 7 month old baby boy. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It was perfect and she loved it!!


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