I Picked a Winner

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
I'm not talking about my latest nose picking adventure, or even the fact that I married a great guy. I'm talking about the fact that I finally picked a winner for the Les Mis ticket giveaway. You guys, I HATE picking winners. I want ALL OF YOU to win. It kills me. I want to pick people I know and love who have entered, I want the winner to be someone who has lost a child, I want whoever is the very most depressed and needing something to pick them up to win, I want whoever just cannot afford to go to win...but I don't have a magic 8 ball telling me all the answers! It gives me anxiety.

I had a few people from the cast of Les Mis tell me who they think I should pick. But everyone had different opinions and ideas on how to pick the winner. So I finally went with the random number generator and contacted the winner. (It was Lacey Daily) Augh!

The rehearsal process has been downright exhausting AND exhilarating. I haven't been getting to bed before 1 a.m. for a few weeks now. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I.LOVE.PERFORMING. It is in my blood. But it's not the actual "being on stage and singing and dancing" that I love the very most. It is getting to know incredible people! You do realize that theatre people are crazy, right? They are the best! I get to spend hours and hours with "my kind of people". We are a unique breed, there is no question about it. I feel so alive and happy when I am with these people. I think it has something to do with sharing incredible music with each other. I truly believe music is its own language. A language that far surpasses this mortal realm. When you harmonize and blend and belt and articulate and everything that comes with a show like this...you communicate spirit to spirit. You share something that is so much bigger than you are. It is transporting.

Here are a few photos from the wonderful madness of Les Mis:

Tech Week--Finally getting into the space and using sets and props. 

Cast photos

Crazy people whom I love

Dress like your double day. (The shows at the Hale are double cast. They do so many shows each week that they divide it into two casts.) We totally won. 

Hope to see you at the show!


  1. I think I partially answered my own question with your note about the double cast but still need to make sure you are performing on the date I end up going. I don't have tickets yet so just want to double check with you. Thanks

  2. You and Brandalee look awesome, but I'm not sure it can beat Emily and Camille in those parrot tank tops and grass skirts! Hilarious!

  3. I am still in shock that I won the tickets. I can not wait to come on Friday night. I may not have lost a child, but I am forever changed by your story.....for the better. I am inspired to be at my best everyday because you never know when it may be the last day for you or someone you love. Thanks for sharing your story with us and I truly can't wait to meet you. Thanks again!

  4. I am coming on the 28th! Can't wait!


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