I Got Older

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I did it. I got older. I couldn't help it. It just happened. But I was surrounded by family and friends so it softened the blow. (And it's another year closer to Lucy...)

Vic prepared a delicious meal and invited my brother and his family over for tres leches carmel cake. Oh. My. 


Are these two cousins not adorable?

If I may, I'm going to tell you about something that I'm proud of. See those round cards the kids are playing with? They are called "Cousin Cards". It's the game of Memory but with photos of each cousin. (Two cards per cousin...obviously)

I made a set for each of my siblings and their kids. (I also made a Jackson version for Vic's siblings). So much fun. 

The day after our little family party, we had a short little birthday celebration in the green room before dress rehearsal. 

And if you have been wondering what I've been doing between rehearsals, shows, birthday celebrations, preschool, gymnastics, music lessons, cooking, cleaning, and working out--it's loving on this little nugget!!!

It was a great birthday. I have a wonderful life. I really do. 


  1. I hope it was a fabulous birthday, Molly! (It sure looks like it!) You are wonderful and I am grateful to know you & call you friend. Hugs!

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday.. Happy Happy belated BiRtHdAy!! I love birthdays but getting older has its advantages and disadvantages. I think I'm wiser (maybe) but then my poor body isn't as great as it used to be (not sure it ever was Ha Ha). But I love getting older because now I am a grandmother. I'm glad you have a wonderful life, my friend.


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