Justin Allen Kinnaird

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My sweet Justin. My sweet, sweet, dearest Justin. You know that I love you. And I know you love me. What a gift that is. We had a bond that was unbreakable from the moment we met. For the past 17 years we have seen each other rise and fall, love and hurt, succeed and fail, but through it all we laughed. We'd laugh until we cried. And sometimes, during dark days, we'd cry...but always it would turn to laughter. I will miss the way you always showed up just in the nick of time (and by that I mean late.)

The way you ran down the terminal before I boarded the plane for my mission, just when I thought you weren't going to show up. The way you danced and laughed at my wedding. The way you comforted me time and time again when my Lucy died. The way you held my hand before taking her off of life support and told me to "Steht auf bitte"--to Stand up please. I will miss hearing you make your usual order at the drive through almost every single time we are on the phone together. I will miss your wit, your charm, the twinkle in your eyes, the inside jokes, the crazy insane voices we spoke with, our long-winded voice mails, our absolutely horrific jokes that were so bad they were funny...especially if told in the right voice with the right look on our faces.

I'll never forget the way you literally held Vic and I up during and after Lucy's stay in the hospital. You were Vic's biggest fan and cheerleader....always pushing me to improve and appreciate my wonderful marriage. You were there for me through pregnancies, postpartum, financial fears, motherhood, the break up and getting back together of my parents, my brother running away in NYC, shows, parties, benefit concerts, firesides, home remodels, and burying my daughter.

Remember when we were performing "Hello Romeo" and our suspenders got crazily and completely entangled? We could.not. separate ourselves from each other for the rest of the entire number. We are still connected...I just wish it weren't from such distant places.

Never will I be able to thank you enough for the way you have touched my life. I will never stop beaming with pride telling people that you are my best friend. I have never met anyone like you. Ever. You are one of a kind. The very best kind.

Please give my sweet Lucy all my love. I can't believe I have the 2 most beautiful souls waiting for me on the other side. It makes getting older entirely bearable. Take care of her.

I love you. OH, how I love you!! I pray for gracious amounts of peace and rest from your wearies.

As Carrie Butler said, you will always be the voice in my head telling me to be better.


  1. My heart goes out to you and Vic. I am so sorry for this tremendous loss.

  2. Molly, I'm so, so sorry for such an immense loss. He seems like an incredible soul.

  3. Beautiful tribute. I can't imagine losing my best friend, it would be like losing part of my soul. So very sorry for your loss.

  4. What a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry:'-(

  5. I did not even know this man, but reading this post brought me to tears. I am so sorry your friend has gone on before you and you won't see him for awhile. He sounds like an amazing person, and I envy you for having such amazing friend. I'm sure he is spending time with Lucy telling her everything you would want her to know.

  6. Oh Molly....I am so so sorry for your loss. Justin sounds like an amazing person and wonderful friend. He will always be near you and will be egging you on to keep going and doing those things that bring joy to your life. He will certainly be a comfort to your Lucy....they are connected in heaven because they both love you and Vic!! Thoughts and prayers for you and Vic.

  7. I can only imagine your pain. Accept God's tender mercies. Prayers are being sent for you all...

  8. I am so sorry Molly. I have been following your blog for a few years and my heart dropped when I started reading this post. I am so incredibly sorry that you and your family has lost such a close friend. Prayers being sent for everyone that loved Justin.


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