A Simple Yet Stressful Christmas

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I tried to keep Christmas simple this year... like I always do. Not a ton of gifts, not a ton of fanfare... yet, it always ends up being so stressful. I was so tired and a little down this Christmas. I'm not exactly sure why. I think I mentioned missing my family as well as my Park City family. The kids loved it, and that makes me happy. But I'm glad it's over. 

The most enjoyable time was Christmas Eve at Vic's parent's place. It's nice to have somewhere to go where I can just relax and I don't have to be in charge. 

They have a fun tradition where they pass Playdough out to everyone and while Grandpa Jackson reads the nativity in Luke 2, we construct a nativity scene. It makes for far less chaos with kids and costumes and everyone actually focuses on the words as we sit at the table. 

But my favorite tradition of all (that started with my family as a little girl and that Vic and I have continued...especially since losing Lucy), is luminaries. They are so quick and easy, yet SO beautiful and symbolic.

This girl is in LOVE with animals. Especially dogs. I am honestly considering getting a dog! What has become of me?

And here we are Christmas morning and Eve. 

Much love to one and all!


  1. I can feel the love you have....for the season, for your family, and your friends. Your children are so beautiful as is their mother (and father!!). But I'm with you on being glad the holidays are over. My little family did do some fun things though. We went to Temple Square to see the lights; me and my daughter-in-law took my grandson to Gorgoza to go sledding (what a rush and so fun); I took my grandson to the Polor Express train ride in Heber (on Dec 19th no less in that horrible scary storm and I stayed overnight at the Best Western at Kimball Junction with my niece and her two little girls); and we've done other fun things that made the weather and cold not so hard to take. I hope the new year brings you lots of good times and you make wonderful new memories with your family. I love luminarios....I need to do that next year!! Sorry you were a little down during the holidays and hope that changes so you can feel better. Take care!!

  2. Ok, that picture of Zoe on the stairs reminds me of Lucy a lot! Love the playdoh nativity idea. Where were you 5 years ago?

  3. I was going to comment the same thing miche did ! That photo on the stairs is Lucy with red hair! She is gorgeous.

  4. What a beautiful Christmas & I know what you mean - stressful & glad it's over. Love your tree and the cute pics of your cute kids. Hugs.

  5. Oh my gosh! The skirt and the striped tights and the smile. I thought I was staring at Lucy.


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