Sweet Zoë June

Friday, December 6, 2013

My sweet Zoë June has been with us now for 18 months. Vic snapped these photos last night as I rocked her to sleep. The poor girl had a fever and just wanted to be held. I gladly obliged.

Peter burrowed down into his blankets (the kids share a room here at my parent's place) and asked for daddy to read him stories. I held Zoë in my arms and rocked her back and forth, her favorite blanky draped over my shoulder so she could nuzzle into it. As Vic read, first the Book of Mormon, followed by Zorro, I sensed that Peter was drifting off to sleep. Eventually, Zoë did the same. But I couldn't put her in her crib. I rocked and rocked and stroked her hair and face and kissed her nose and cheeks over and over and over.

Not only did I not want to stop, I physically COULD NOT stop holding her. Her hair, her face, her sweet little body... I was in heaven. You know, I LOVE how I feel on a long run, or after a good workout. I also love when I find out that I've been cast in a show (come see me in Les Mis at the Hale!). I love outdoor adventures with Vic-snorkeling, hiking, skiing, what have you. But nothing on earth compares to the feeling of holding your sleeping child.

A few fun facts about my Zoë June:

-She is finally walking 100% of the time. No more boot scoot boogy. I hope I got enough video footage of her lope.

-Her list of words include: Dada, Mama, Bite (and points to the food she wants to eat), Sock, Shoe, Bye-Bye, HI!, bath (including the sign for it..so cute), ishy (fishy), Dada (dog), Door, Book, Ball, Bubble, Milk, MINE, no no no no no, Nana, MEN (amen), and night-night. (I'm sure I'm forgetting some)

-She is quite the climber and has turned out to be pretty fearless.

-She waves hello to everyone passing by

-She still wears size 2 diapers and 9 month pants. Just a little squirt. She's about 19 pounds of deliciousness.

-She loves cottage cheese, just like her mother. She also loves greens and would eat a salad if she could. She will not tolerate crap food like hotdogs and cheap candy. Atta girl.

She is such an angel. She is constantly wanting me to hold her, which can be quite frustrating when I'm trying to work in the kitchen, but all in all, I want to hold her and squeeze her and love on her all the day long.

I'm so grateful I get to be her mum.

P.S. Should I keep blogging? Am I the only one who feels like blogs and Instagram have turned into a huge popularity contest? I thought I left that behind in Jr. High/Highschool. It is probably my own insecurities...I shall write about that another day.


  1. Love your updates, and today I needed to run a million errands and get so much done and my 2 year old was having NO part of it so we left and came home.... both in tears! I put her down for a nap and hopped on the computer and you put life in perspective for me. Who cares if I have the cutest bunko prizes, or the ugliest sweater for the party! But I will love on my kiddos today, ( even the onery one) because that is what really matters! Thank you!!

    To answer your questions, I still blog and could care less if anyone reads mine! I use it as my journal/scrapbook because there is no crafty bone in this body of mine! :) So blog on!
    I have already got my tickets for les mis! Who are you playing! I will cheer extra loud for you!

    Thanks again, Megan

  2. Well, I composed this long, thoughtful response ...beautiful pictures...keep blogging...print blurb books...posterity..you are funny and some of us are still blogging...blah blah blah and then blogger failed to publish or save my Pulitzer-worthy insights. So, now I hate blogging and think you should quit.
    j/k. My blog rage at this moment shouldn't affect your decision.

    p.s. Size 2 diapers? TWO!!!!???? I can't even understand what you are SAYING. William is wearing size 5. at 10 months. So basically we will be turning to Depends by the time he is 18 months old. Sweet mother.

  3. Don't Stop blogging! I still read :)
    I still write in my blog but only have 3 readers. It's worth it :) love reading yours

  4. Please keep blogging- i blog but only have a few readers which I actually like. I can't imagine having a popular blog and the pressure of being interesting or funny. I use it for my kids mainly and as an outlet for my grief as my mom died 14 months ago from cancer. I learned a lot about grief from your blog before my mom died. I admire your strength.

  5. If you stop blogging I will cry! I know you don't want that on your shoulders, so I guess you have no choice but to keep blogging. Sorry.

  6. Please keep blogging. I keep reading because you are one of the few bloggers who seems to not compete. At least if you are, it's not noticeable which is refreshing. I am all for everyone's successes, I just hate the bragging.

    I know how you feel about the little lady snuggles. My sweet girl is 5, almost 6 and I STILL get them from her. Every day. What a blessing they are. It fills my soul. Let your little one fill your soul and heal you!

  7. I love your blog. I still blog every day but only because I use it as a scrapbook. I print it out and its a good thing or my kids would have no record of their lives. I have very little readers but it is awesome for my out of state MIL who feels like she is seeing my kids grow up.

  8. Molly, sweet Molly. I love your name, as my late Mom was named Molly. This is my first time commenting, although I've been a follower since shortly after Lucy passed. You are truly an inspiration to all who read your blog, and especially to someone who has suffered a loss. Please keep blogging and sharing and inspiring. You are truly an awesome woman.
    By the Way, I am a woman, a wife, a mom, and a grandma! God bless you, Molly.

  9. Oh the joy of holding a baby...a child...nothing sweeter. Keep blogging my friend!! I love your words...they always come from the heart.

  10. Oh gosh! I have so much to say about the blog world. I will keep it short though. There are three blogs that I read. Yours being one of them. Please keep blogging. Who likes all the pressure of being popular anyway? To me, the epitome of insecurity is bragging. Yuck! Who cares what the Joneses have? You keep on keepin it real girl. Love it!

  11. She is an itty little thing isn't she? SO sweet! And you should keep blogging if it makes you happy. Don't if it doesn't. For me, my family blog and my friend blog are my journal, my therapy, my scrapbook of life. It's rad when people comment and love it and it's rad when they don't. There you have it. :) XO

  12. Please keep blogging, I enjoy your little family. I'll have to get tickets to Les Mis !?! Exciting :)

  13. When is Les Mis? We are relocating to SLC next month!

  14. Yes, PLEASE PLEASE never stop writing. You inspire so many - and if nothing else, I just love to laugh with you. Oh goodness, I love to read. Please never stop!

  15. Please never stop!!!!!! <3 I will read forever. You are my fave!

  16. Please keep blogging. I really enjoy your blog. I find great comfort in your blog and how you are open with your feelings. I really appreciate you sharing with us!

  17. Life would be boring without your blogs, but please add "Nana" to Zoe's list of vocabulary words. Love from your mutha

  18. i have an 18 month old baby boy (he's still my baby), and i agree there is nothing better in life than holding his heavy, warm, sleepy self. i'll never tire of it. also, it's redeeming after a long day of mothering him some days ;) please keep blogging...i don't comment much (ever?) but i absolutely love your honesty in parenting, in loss, in marriage, just in general. hugs from colorado!

  19. Oh, please keep blogging. I may not comment, but I always read your posts!
    Merry Christmas
    Susie (Elliott) Lage

  20. Heck ya, you should keep blogging....why wouldn't you? Continue to be yourself.... and keeping it real ~ just like you have been. :)

    (I don't have a blog, but read lots of them).

  21. I am still reading. :) I do feel the same, that blogs have turned into a popularity contest in a big way. Maybe that's one reason mine is private. I decided it needed to be mostly just for me. Keep blogging, though! I'm still reading!


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