From the Mouth of Peter

By Molly Bice-Jackson - 10:38 PM

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope your reindeers OK. And I hope your wife is OK. And I want a control monster truck, Santa. When ita be Christmas? And weeks? And then you can give kids presents. But Angel is not getting present. He gonna get a lump of coal and rocks. And Angel will get not a toy, not for years. 

And I hope you give me a present. And Merry Christmas, Santa!

This is why I can get a toy:

-I have a Buzz but I wanna give it to someone else who needs it. But instead of Buzz, that means I can get a control monster truck. And I love you, Santa. 

-Ith you're nice to people, Santa? Then go man, go!

*Editor's Note: Ummm...can you tell I have not been in a writing mood lately? I think it's because I feel like I have SO MUCH to blog about. Therefore, I blog about nothing. I've been a bit down. So...have patience. I have much to share in the coming weeks. 

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2 Loving Lines

  1. Missing your blog posts. Looking forward to having you back after the crazy holidays.

  2. Precious. Can't wait until you are in a writing mode again!