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Monday, November 11, 2013

So there I was...reading my email. Click, click, click, delete, spam, save, reply. And up comes an email from a chick named Amber. I could tell she was a blog reader and interested in being featured on my "Mothers Helping Mothers Monday" posts. But to be honest, I didn't have the time to read it. I'm lucky if I have to the time to put on a bra (or at least do it without stumbling over my ankle-loving monkey daughter). 

So I put off reading it. But let me tell you, that was a big mistake. Why? Because once I FINALLY got around to sorting through my email again, I was laughing out loud at this total stranger. Her email was a total treat. 

She linked me to her newly launched blog and it's darling. It's a blog about everything and nothing. Amber and her friend, Ashley, are just two normal/crazy/insane/kind/funny/stressed moms who do a wonderful job looking at the silly side of life. Not to mention, I absolutely love the design. 

So let's help a mutha out. Let's show Ashley and Amber some blog lovin'. Go to their blog and click around. Have a few laughs. Subscribe if you feel like it. Stalk them on Instagram. Whatever floats your boat. 

I have to tell you that I have been really down on myself lately. I promise you that 85% of my friends live in amazing homes or own their own small business or have the wardrobe of a movie star (OK...maybe just a few people I only kind of know who I follow on Instagram). These are things that really "don't matter". They just don't. BUT...I can't handle the blogs that are all about fashion and beauty and they have 5 million followers who want to know what the greatest t-shirt in the world is. And they are making real money off of this stuff. I have to step away from it. 

But these girls keep it real. And they make you chuckle. And they make you feel like you aren't alone in your sanity. So go and enjoy


  1. So I am the other half of Ashley & Amber..and can I tell you how much this little shout-out means to us newbies on the blogging block? A billion times a million thanks! We sure appreciate it and love your blog as well. You my friend, are a gem for sure!

  2. I'm just gonna give a big ole' second to Ashley's comment above. Sometimes in the blogging world (which is a tiny bit sick and twisted I've decided) we need a day where every single person who takes a looksie into our little blog on the block needs to leave us some love and it never happens! Consider this gal repenting! I will be sharing the love more often to those in the planet that opt to pour their hearts out online. Starting right here at Hope Smiling Brightly. Muah!


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