In Peter's Words

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
*Editor's note: Writing this blog post was entirely Peter's idea. I typed as quickly as I could as he dictated the follwing 4 letters to me. 

Dear Peter,

I love my parents. I love my Grandma and Grandpa. And I love my sister and I love Zoe so much. And I like her and really super so much. And I love my parents. And I was good today. And I love my sister, Zoë.

And I went to Lagoon and it's so fun on the rides ith my Dad. And I went on the rides. And I love my parents.

Dear Lucy,

I love you so much. And you died when you were 2 ages. And I taller than you. And I gonna be bigger than you and Zoe. And I love Lucy and I don't want Lucy to die again. But I love her to stay on earth. And Jesus is not coming back because the earth. And he made the earth. Why cuz everybody died. But other parents can't die because some people can choke on apples and I love my parents.

Dear Bada and Jailey, (Editor's Note: His cousin's are Jada and Bailey. I will never correct him.)

I love you so much. But sometimes you can come to my house because we move but Nana and Papa didn't come back so that means you can come here Bada and Jailey. But I love you Bada and Jailey.

Dear Wesley, (Wesley is his cousin in New Mexico and I was unaware that he is a hotdog).

I love you so much. And I wanna be a hot dog like you and always be fun. And I love Halloween and I got lots of treats. But I can give you all the treats you can want. And then you can ask your mom if you can want one of these and I love you.


  1. This is too cute! I love this kid :).

  2. He is the sweetest! He got some pretty great dance moves too!

  3. This post melts my heart! What an adorable kiddo. I want to eat him up!

  4. This is a great thing to do! Love it!

  5. These are my favorite kinds of posts to look back on!!

  6. So sweet, and heart wrenching!!!

  7. This is awesome. Such a sweet boy he is!

  8. So Cute! My mom recorded us on tape all the time when we were little and she had them transferred to DVD a while back and they SLAY me! Oh the things kiddos say. So darling. Glad you recorded a little snippet of it!

  9. Ha ha ha! I love it! Wesley is already in bed and I am almost tempted to get him up. Can't wait to read this to him tomorrow. And to think they started out not really liking each other much. This is so fun!


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