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Thursday, November 7, 2013

I mentioned on my Facebook page this week that we had the opportunity to go out with a couple who lost their 20 month old, Oliver, in a plane accident 4 months ago.  Oh, I could go on about the horrific details. Like  how it was the other plane's fault, yet not one of the 3 men from Oregon who are responsible have reached out to contact my friends.

All that matters is that they are hurting. A lot. Oh, so much! To see a grown man cry (sob), while sitting over lunch in a restaurant breaks your heart. They have a long journey ahead of them. We visited, comforted, encouraged, listened and just breathed the same air together. It's a comforting thing to breathe the same air as someone else whose heart is broken.

After lunch they followed us to the cemetery to "meet Lucy". Ron (the father) hobbled on his crutches to the site of her grave as he let out sob after sob.

I've been there. We were there. It's hard to see people "there." The pain is palpable.

So I've been thinking of these new friends of ours. They are not of our faith. They are extremely smart, educated, cultured, intelligent, articulate people. And it makes me realize, once again, that although there may be differences between the human race that divide us all. Race, religion, culture, socioeconomic.... All of those lines and divisions fade entirely away in the face of true loss and grief.

And you know what else? We will all be "there" someday. I've met perfect strangers, like this wonderful couple last week, and seen them suffer. But I've also seen good friends and family suffering first-hand.

One such couple is Jason and Heidi Hamilton whose little boy died in his sleep recently. And today is his birthday. They spent a lot of time at the Ronald McDonald house during their son's several surgeries (ironically, he did not die due to any of his early health issues. He was completely healthy and well). To honor his life, they are dedicating today to the Ronald McDonald foundation.

My sister and her husband stayed there when their son was born 7 weeks early on Christmas Eve (remember?) when they were in Park City from Missouri. It is a special place. A special organization.

I guess what I'm saying is this: If you want to feel good today. If you want to do good today--go to McDonald's with your kids and donate money into the jars for the Ronald McDonald House. Or donate money on their site. Better yet, go to your local Ronald McDonald house and volunteer.

Go to Heidi's link and read about all the things you could do.

You will be helping hearts like mine. And like our new friends (I'm choosing to keep their names private). And families like Heidi and my sister--and so many families who have unforeseen tragedy, premature birth, illness and loss.

Thank you, friends.

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  1. Makes me cry!! Thank you so very much, Molly. Knowing so much good was done in his name is the closest thing to starting to really heal that I think I've come.THANK YOU!!


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