Life That Doesn't End at Death

Friday, October 4, 2013
I listened to this podcast today while cleaning my house. I think you should listen to it and think about what she says.


  1. Very interesting.....seems so strange to us because of our culture here in Utah and probably the U.S. It seems in way that it would be conforting to know that the whole community (not just our family and close friends) felt the same about our loved ones as we do and continued to celebrate their lives, not just their passing. To me, death is such a personal thing, in the way we individually mourn, grieve, and move forward. All I know is that death did not end my love for my husband, my parents, my great-niece Makenzie...because I know the love never ends. Even though they are not here physically, spritually I can still feel them and I know they are aware of my life. The video did give me a lot of food for thought. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to wipe my tears and clow my nose....LOL

  2. I think so many other cultures have healthier attitudes about death than the U.S. This is fascinating.


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