Just in Time to Leave

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welp. We left Park City and are almost settled into my parent's place in Salt Lake. It's a bit of a long story, but the short of it is that our renters really wanted to get into our home ASAP so we hit the road much sooner than we were planning on. Which we were totally fine with. The only problemo is that my parents haven't technically left for their mission yet. They've been in Texas visiting my sister for about a month. So now that we have finally settled into their place, (I'd say we are 75% done), they will get home from Texas in 3 days and we will head back to PC for a week or so while they get ready for their mission. (Their home is small...but great. Huge bedrooms and closets and a nice open floor plan.)

SO...we will stay with our good friends in their basement (which is basically a house unto itself.) A lot of shuffling has been going on. But I have been doing quite well with it. (Though I had a scare when I couldn't find my Zoloft for two nights.)

I don't feel like I've said a real goodbye to Park City yet because of the fact that we will be up there for about 10 days and Peter will still go to music lessons and preschool. But once my parents leave for Russia near the end of the month and we move back into their place...it will be another story.

Also, knowing we are only here for 9-12 months makes it so much easier. I'm still looking into preschools for Peter (I'm considering the McKee language immersion school in Sugarhouse or Daybreak Academy) and we haven't figured out exactly where we are going to go to church. I think we'll drive up to PC until the Primary Program is over and then take it from there.

Being in a new place is interesting. Having a different home layout makes a difference as well. I have to say--I am a HUGE fan of well designed small homes. I also love one-level living. It just makes things easier. Easier to clean, easier to grab a drink of water, easier to do laundry, easier to keep an eye on the kids. I find I am spending more time with my kids now. They share a large bedroom and Vic and I play and wrestle with them to the max before bedtime.

With Peter not in school this week we have hit up Gardner Village, Southtowne Mall for the kids play place and train ride, daddy's office (2 freeway exits away), Schmidt's Pumpkin patch, and all sorts of yummy places to eat. You do give up a lot by living in Park City (you gain a lot of great things too...). I don't know...maybe we'll rent out our house indefinitely and move to SLC. Anything could happen.

All I know right now is that I still can't find my car keys, my retainer, and a check from someone that I need to deposit at the bank.

Just needed to get that all out.

Needless to say, I'm so behind on responding to emails and publishing blogs. (Like all of the great Mothers helping Mothers posts.)

If you live in SLC, can we get together for a play date? I need friends! And so do my kids!


  1. I was totally going to say that if you put Peter in school in Sugarhouse, we need to have lots of lunch dates! Let me know if that's what you decide and we can meet up the hood!

  2. Dang! I just moved from Sugarhouse to Lehi. My Finn is 6 months younger than Peter, so they could have been great buddies.

  3. Shout out for us SLC folks! I'd love to have lunch :)

  4. I'D LOVE TO PLAY!!! And I'm with J. - let's do lunch.

  5. I don't know what the McKee immersion school is like, but I taught with ILP in Russia and China and met Dr. McKee a few times. He has a great program. The little kids I taught are now in college, getting married, and starting families. Time flies...but their English is good. I've also got my 5 year old in a duo-lingual kindergarten program. It's going well...I think. :o) Best wishes as you decide what to do.


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