If You Were in My Bedroom

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's just chat for a minute, shall we?

If you were sitting in my bedroom right now (why would you be in my bedroom? Because that is where I am. I am lay-sitting in my bed. I just made up that word. So you would be in here so I could chat with you because you are my friend and I am too tired to go sit downstairs in the living room like a civilized adult. Plus, we're friends. So you can sit on the bed next to me and listen to me whine.) Ready?

Steam of consciousness:

Give me sanity away from children or give me death.

This move is really stressing me out. So much more than I thought it would. We've gotten a lot of neglected house projects done, which is awesome, but just all the cleaning and organizing while taking care of the kids is killing me. That's the hardest part, having all of this to do and still having the responsibility of the kids. Zoë is in that phase where she wants to be held at all times.

Thank goodness we are leaving 90% of our furniture.

I didn't sleep great last night. I started having a small panic attack. Plus, Vic made me watch the movie, "The Impossible". You know, the true story of a family during the 2004 Tsunami? I cried so hard. I wrote a heavy facebook post about how much suffering there is in the world. And there is. And it hurts.  I miss Lucy.

I'm glad we are going to be saving a lot of money by moving but I will miss Park City and all of our friends here. I wonder if I will make friends in Salt Lake. Where is Peter going to go to preschool now? I don't even have time to figure that out right now.

I had 4 kids at my house this morning. It was crazy town. They are amazingly fast workers when it comes to destroying a home. I finally got Peter off to school, one boy was picked up, and Zoë and her little friend are both taking naps right now. Everyday, when 11:30 rolls around and the house is quiet, I start singing, "This is the Moment!" from the musical Jekyll and Hyde. Because it is truly the moment I have been waiting for since the second I woke up.

So that's why I have this moment to talk with you. Or to make you listen to me. I just had to get it all out. I better get back to work on cleaning and packing and organizing.

How are you?

--And then this is when I would ask if you wanted to see our photos from Bear Lake (Labor Day) because I love all of them. Rachael did a great job taking them. And that's when you'd say things like, "Oh, cute suit!" And I'd say, "Thanks, I got it at Old Navy for $9.47". And you'd say, "Oh, wow. Looks like a fun trip." And I'd say, "It was. I didn't get many photos of Vic, Wes, and Rachael--the friends we went with, but it was still super fun."

Who knows what we'd talk about next. Maybe the fact that it's snowing outside right now?

*In case you hadn't heard, we are moving into my parent's home in SLC (in West Jordan but right on the boarder of S. Jordan) while they go back to Russia for their second mission. We are renting out our home to some good friends for roughly 9 months. 


  1. I live right close to there, on the boarder of west jordan and midvale, right within spitting distance of gardner village. It is a great place to live and has all your requirement: Target (several to choose from), Costco (also several to choose from), Red Mango in Fort Union, Trader Joes (which is downtown and probably closer than coming from Park City), and I bet there is less snow in the winter---you can't win them all right? But there are some awesome parks---one that looks like a castle if you must know. Cool places to get the kids out and play and they are opening the new aquarium in Draper in January. It is not a bad place to live. I hope you enjoy it and find some new cool places to carve out a little life for yourselves. But moving is hard...we moved 4 months ago and I am still putting away boxes. Kids can kind of make the process hard. Good luck.

  2. We will be friends. We will do lunch & dinner & everything in-between. It's not a question of "if" but more a question of "when?!?!!?!?" So sorry for this sucky move process. I think everyone can groan about that one with you. arrrrrgh.

  3. BUT - there IS a Trader Joe's in Salt Lake right?
    I am sorry you are having anxiety sweet friend. When I think of leaving our home, I get simultaneously excited and sick to my stomach. I am sure it feels a little like leaving Lucy behind.
    I love you.

  4. I'd write more but I gotta get to Old Navy for a swimsuit STAT.

  5. Moving is so hard. I don't blame you at all for feeling so stressed. Please know that you are loved and thought of often!

  6. Oh WOW.....that is news!! Like I said in an recent post, living in SL Valley vs Park City has its pro's and con's. You will adjust and have an opportunity to meet some wonderful new people....and, maybe we'll run into each other, too. Your pictures of Bear Lake are awesome. My sister lives there all summer and her place has become quite the get away place for me and my sisters and all our kids and grandkids. No matter where you live, as long as your husband and beautiful children are there, you will be ok. I hate moving....we lived in an apartment as newlyweds for about 9 months, next house for 12 years, current house for 27 years. I'm much too old to try to move again but when my son graduates someday from college and they get a house of their own, I better start packing because I will go where ever they go. I cannot live without my grandson Braxton!! AND Darling SUIT!! And yes, it would be lovely having girl talk with you in your bedroom....I know that is creepy from a perfect stranger but you opened THAT can of worms, my dear!! LOL...AND I would listen to you whine and then help you pack!!

  7. sorry you are so stressed, love! and that movie TOTALLY had me thinking non-stop for the next week after watching it. and... thanks for the chat. you know, its better that we chat this way than in person- because, i am kind of a conversation hog. :) xo

  8. I love your story and you! You give me alot of hope! I live in Tremonton..about 45 minutes away! Have two little boys:) If you would ever like to chat I would love to hear from you! My email is stephgrunig@gmail.com Xo.


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