Snapshots of Summer

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A few events that transpired this summer that I haven't blogged about yet--in no particular order:

Zoë June takes her first steps!!!

She also shows us how much she loves to color. 

We spent some time at the BMW/Mini of Murray dealership recently. (That place is so fabulously designed!) I snapped this photo in the bathroom. Why were we at the mini dealership? We bought a mini! A MINI VAN! (Toyota Sienna). Why did we buy it from the mini cooper dealership? It's a long story. But I'm finally a real mom now. Complete with leather and DVD player and navigation system. 

We LOVED discovering the trails in Summit park this summer. My favorite so far. 

I got to sing at a dinner party in "The Colony" (Canyons Resort) with the famous Terence Hansen. He's incredible. I had a fabulous time and can't wait for my next gig. 

His guitar has two necks. He's INSANE on it. 

And the hikes. Oh, the hikes. You can't go on too many hikes. 

We also had the chance to spend Labor Day weekend in Bear Lake with our good friends Wes and Rachael. The boys had a ball. I got to go on a long run one morning with Zoë. Heaven. 

Goodnight, Summer. Don't slumber for too long. I'm grateful for all the gifts you gave our family this year. 


  1. I love the all the pictures. Yeah for Zoe!! Big girl!! Who knew bout two-necked geetars?? Not me. And Bear Lake...well my sister has a home there and it has been a joy to go visit, go to the Lake, boating, go to Raspberry Days, rodeo, walking, eat the famous shakes, see all the cows and fields, golf at sunrise, and most of all hang with my wonderful family. The picture of Vic on the mountain..moon...American flag...that one is cool!!


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