My To Do List

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I have a lengthy list of major things to get done. And how!

-Blog about my To Do List
-Write/prepare talk for Empowering Fearless Birth THIS SATURDAY!!! Come, come, come! CJane and I will both be speaking-- Along with tons of great vendors, giveaways, and incredible information. The video on the website made me cry just now.
-Prepare sharing time for Sunday (I'm in the Primary Presidency now. For non Mormon speakers, Sharing time is the 15 minute group lesson you give to kids ages 4-11 who come to your church)
-Work on Sacrament talk for Sunday after that
-Write blogs and update facebook for my new job (I'm the new content manager for an orthopedic office in Park City!)
-Submit more articles to Deseret News
-Clean the house
-Go visit Ashley and Porter at Primary Children's Hospital
-Continue my training for the 17 mile mountain trail run in October (Brighton to Park City)
-Shower and get ready
-Be awesome
-Announce on the blog that I want to start doing weekly blogs where I promote the business ventures of other mom's. Review their products and get the word out about their products and services. Mothers helping Mothers Mondays!
-Finish watching SMASH because I'm obsessed
-Figure out what our family themed Halloween costumes are going to be this year.
-Finish blog about my To Do list before I start rambling and telling you every little thing I have to do like jump in the shower for 2 seconds after I publish this because I can hear Zoë waking from her nap.

* A note to the author of this blog from the author of this blog: These things are all secondary to your overarching and most important To Do list which is taking care of and loving your children. May the force be with you.


  1. The elevator one had me LAUGHING! Love it.

  2. You crack me up....Simon says!!! I like to go into elevators and say "Shhhhh!! You know you can't say anything in elevators!! And last but not least, in my case it is not "Let the force be with you" it is "let the farce be with you!!" Ha Ha

  3. I really love that blogging about your to-do list is on your to-do list! That's something I would do :)

  4. Dang! I wish I could go to EFB on Saturday! I did hypnobirth with my 3rd little boy, and I learned so much about the process of birth and myself. Loved it! I had zero fear going into my induction and had very little pain. I've been a little obsessed with learning more since. oh and what a list. Mine seems so small potatoes after reading yours lol!


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