So How is the Little Squirt?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teepee by TneesTpees

Many of you have wanted an update on Zoë's progress.

For starters, she's made leaps and bounds in the cuteness department, which is hard to believe since she was already off the charts. They have started inventing new scales to measure cuteness with-- now that she has broken every record. I don't know what the next step is going to be once she shatters her current records.

But let's be honest--the increase in cuteness/adorableness/amazingness/squishiness is scientifically designed to increase so as to keep up with the amount of precariousness/amount of work/getting into everythingness. It is a self preservation method designed by evil babies who enjoy taunting their parents. But I shall not let it destroy me.

As far as the progress with her gross motor skills is going; she's a champ. It's been interesting, though. The physical therapist has only come TWO times. There is only one physical therapist for ALL OF Summit County and she only works ONE DAY a week. Or used to. She has decided to go full-time at Primary Children's so Summit County actually doesn't even have a therapist right now. Know anyone PTs or OTs looking for a job?

However, with our two sessions with the PT, we learned a lot of exercises to do with her and she's taken off. She still scoots like a drunken monkey at the race track (I need to post a video really won't believe it.), and will probably NEVER use crawling as her mode of transportation. But that's OK. She finally pulls herself to standing and cruises the furniture. She goes up and down the stairs. (She goes down the stairs in a forward position of course, and scoots down each step...not safe, I know. But what can ya do?). She has just started standing completely on her own from the downward dog position. She pushes her little walker and is on her way to being a full fledged toddler!

She's still so tiny. Size 2 diapers and 9 month clothes. So when I get my little email updates on her progress from Baby Center, or whatever that is I'm subscribed to, and it says, "Your toddler: 14 months and 1 week", I'm like, "What toddler are they talking about?" It's great. I get to cuddle her like a babe in arms.

That's the latest on our Zoë June. She's definitely at that age where you can't just plop her down on a blanket. She wants to be held. She doesn't want to be held. She wants to scoot on the dirt or the store floor and get the entire right side of her pants ripped and dirty. It's a hard age. But it's mostly wonderful.


  1. Ahhh & now I'm baby-hungry. What a cutie.

  2. I do have an OT friend who's looking. Do you know who she would need to contact or what channels she would need to go through? I'm going to pass on your post to her. Zoë's such a cutie!

  3. Zoe and Mo are in the SAME stage! I love it! My back hurts from all of the bending over to pick him out of whatever mud pile he is playing in. But - size 2 diapers! What a pee wee! She looked REAL cute in that tee pee too!

  4. Thanks for the update. I was just wondering how she was doing the other day. She definitely tips the scales on cuteness for sure!!

  5. Adorable squirt - just like her mom :)

  6. Such a cutie!

    I'm so glad you posted this pic with the teepee; I was just coming to your blog to try and hunt down the etsy shop. I didn't make a note of it the first time around. :)


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