No Party Poopers in These Parts

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For friends and family who weren't able to make it to the surprise party for my mom's 70th (I know...doesn't she look fabulous?), I thought I'd expound a bit on how it all went down. 

My sister and I made plans over the phone (she mostly listened to my ideas and helped me gather my scattered thoughts on how to organize it all), my dad and I discussed it via email while they were still in Russia, and then we decided to pull the trigger. And it went off without a hitch! I was so thankful and relieved. 

The Jackson Family Reunion ended Sunday, July 21, and my mom's birthday was the following day. Eh, why not. Might as well add to the chaos. Vic was kind enough to help me the entire day cleaning the house, sweeping the deck, hanging up lights, preparing food, etc. My parents were actually staying with us at the time, but were luckily out running errands all day. 

Nancy decided to treat herself to a birthday pedi/mani and was having her feet rubbed while we slaved away over vinegar chicken (YOU MUST KNOW THIS RECIPE AND MAKE IT AND EAT IT AND LOVE IT FOREVER. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND), and she had no idea what was about to go down. She knew my brother, Taylor, was coming to our place for dinner, but she had no idea that mission friends, ward friends, Rexburg friends, old friends, and neighbors would be there as well. 

Let's just say she was pleasantly surprised. The entire evening was wonderful. We had just the right amount of food. The lights were perfect. The Park City summer breeze and sunset were fantastic. The company, the music, the reunioning. I loved it all. 

My sis had the idea to purchase 70 roses and attach a memory from friends and family to each rose. And we did just that. It was beautimous maximus. My mom loved reading through each memory. She laughed her head off at some, ("The time I was going to pet Truman's head (the family dog) but petted  your boob instead."--from her son-in-law...not Vic) and cried at others. 

I'm so grateful for a mother who taught me what it means to truly love and sacrifice. What it means to care for the poor and the needy. And what it means to laugh so hard that you snort until you cry. 

I'll forever remember this night!

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