Family Vacation: What You Should Do

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
First, pack up all of your crap and head to Ririe, Idaho after work on Thursday. Ririe, Idaho? That's what I said, Ririe.

Get away from all the traffic and noise and responsibilities and enjoy this view from your DARLING little cabin/house (the old caretaker's home) at 7NRanch. 

I mean...

Watch as your children explore, wide-eyed, the farmland and beautiful scenery. 

Do some miniature golfing at THE CUTEST, most well done, golf course this side of the Mississippi.

If you need to grab some books at the golf office to read once the kids are in bed, there are plenty to choose from. 

Take the time to notice the charm of it all. 

Work on your golfing skills and your parenting skills at the same time. 

Enjoy the fresh grapes growing over your head while you walk from hole to hole. 

After you golf, take a dip at Heise Hot Springs (you are still in Ririe, Idaho...just down the road from 7NRanch). 

Feel transported back in time to the simple days of a small town summer.

Watch your son do front flips off the diving board. 

Enjoy the comments from strangers about your little orangutan and her amazing hair and scooting skills.

Realize that the water slide is just as awesome as you remember it from your childhood. 

Have the best french fries you've ever tasted in your life. 

Next, hit up the FANTASTIC zip line course. Zip from line to line, 10 different times, wile squealing in fear and delight and holding your 4 yr. old in front of you. 

Let your son go on the course 2 days in a row...because he's a crazy devil like that. Once with dad, once with you. 

Have dinner and breakfast with your long-time friend, Kate, whose family owns Heise Hot Springs. Play with her kids, (who are ADORABLE), chat with her husband, and talk about plans to visit them when they go back home to Hawaii after the summer of Heise is over. 

Take Kate's daughter with you and Peter on the zipline all at the same time. (Sorry I had in you in a headlock, Kaia!)

Then you head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Just an hour from Ririe. Because Grand Teton National Park is OUT OF THIS WORLD. 

Hike the 3 miles around Jenny Lake up to Hidden Falls. It will not disappoint. 

Get your family photo taken in front of the falls. 

Thank God for creating such beauty. Including your children, your life. 

Take the boat back across the lake instead of making your kids hike back. Enjoy the boat and the scenery and the amazing outdoors!

On the third day, drive home through Idaho Falls and stop at the beautiful Mormon Temple and walk around the historic "greenbelt". 

Sing songs with your kids, let them play in the dirt. Feel the sun on your face and watch the ducks and birds and tourists. 

Stop for some smoothies and bagels and finish the road trip home. 

That's really what you should do. Really. 

Honestly, people don't know about Heise Hot Springs and it is THE BEST KEPT SECRET. But it is a secret no longer. You should take your family there. It is so perfect. Small, quaint, beautiful, laid back, so many things to do in a small amount of space. The river, the hikes, the waterfalls....and it is only an hour from Jackson Hole. Grand Teton National Park has always, always been one of my favorite places of all time. It's worth the trip. 


  1. Love the pic of you and Zoe on Jenny Lake. What a beautiful moment!

  2. SUCH cute pics - I just love Ririe. My sister lives up by there. :)

  3. What a charming place! And beautiful pictures! Jackson hole looks so pretty!

  4. We love Heise! We live in Burley and it is one of our summer camping trips!

  5. We loved going there as a family when I was young. I have never taken my children. I will have to do a course correction and take them. Love that area of the world..

  6. Thanks for the itinerary ;) It looks like an awesome trip. May have to try that instead of or with Yellowstone next year. That zipline looks like so much fun!

  7. The summer of 1975 I was a waitress at the Big Boy restaurant in Rexburg. One of our cooks used to sing in the kitchen, "Almost heaven, Ririe Idaho..." Never heard John Denver sing it, that I didn't remember this.

  8. i am so JEALOUS! i mean, i am so flipping HAPPY for you!!!! i read this all too late... we did vacation all wrong. oh well, there is always next year. right?

  9. What a fun sounds like a wonderful place to do a vaca!! Love the pictures. Can you kids GET any cuter? Glad you had a fun time.


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