Happy Farter's Day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Better late than never.

Vic got to have an enjoyable and laid-back Father's Day this year. (Or as I like to call it, "Farter's Day". Which reminds me, when Peter prays he says, "Heavenly Farter"... or at least that is what it sounds like and it kills me every rtime.)

I made him a delicious meal, gave him a full body massage and let him take a long nap. That evening we went to Deer Valley and explored a neighborhood Vic had never been to before. We were the only ones there and it was so lovely. Peter had a great time riding his bike around the lake.

On a side note, you see that photo of the 2 ducks? The ones Peter and I are feeding? They came right up to us. And I swear (don't laugh) that they are the same ducks from our pond out back. Every summer our pond dries up (this year it happened extremely early) and the ducks go away to who knows where until the following Spring. Remember the baby ducklings we got last year? 2 of them got eaten (one by a ferocious dog! and one by a raccoon), but the one that survived (Buster) came back to our pond this year. And he still would eat out of our hand like he did as a duckling! But when the pond dried up we no longer had Buster and his buddy around in the backyard.

My point is, I swear the 2 ducks at the pond in Deer Valley were Buster and his buddy. No matter where we were around the perimeter of the pond, they would follow us and waddle right out of the water to us. They love us! They really love us! (Who knows, but they looked just like the 2 we had in our backyard all Spring and behaved the same as well...)

Vic is a wonderful farter. I hope his children know this. I know he was missing and hurting for his Lucy girl, but I hope he still had a peaceful day.


  1. The first sentence of the last paragraph made me giggle ;) typo, or Freudian slip? ;)

  2. Im Reading your blog since Peter born and im from Argentina! You are so sweet. Love to see Peter with the argentinian shirt. Zoe is incredible cute. Love from Argentina, Candela (thats my name, its mean "light")

  3. Cute ducks....cute family!!! I'm sure sure sure the ducks are the same ones!! Glad your hubby had a great Farter's Day. LOL


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