An Interesting 4th

Friday, July 5, 2013

So the night of the 3rd we didn't sleep very well. Vic has had a pinched nerve in his shoulder that's been keeping him up at night. There was an extremely loud thunderstorm, Peter wet the bed (and by bed I mean couch because he was having a sleepover with cousins in the basement...yikes. And sorry for when you read this blog when you are a teenager , Peter.)

Soo...ya. Peter was a pill and a half all morning. He was so tired. As were we. We moped around the house and fought with Peter for hours. "Get in the bath now!" "No, you cannot take the entire bag of Costco sized goldfish downstairs." He was hitting and whining and ended up locked in his room for timeout. At which point he proceeded to pull all the books off of his shelves. This left us dealing with "take a bath or you can't have breakfast" as well as, "clean up your room AND take a bath or you can't have breakfast or go to the parade or fireworks, etc. etc."

Needless to say, we didn't go to the parade or family fun run 5K, or breakfast in city park. Vic tried to take the boys to see "Despicable Me 2" but the theatre had posted the wrong showing time online. They returned and we gave up. We let the boys watch a movie in the basement and Vic and I went back to bed.

I finally showered and got ready around 2 pm and we headed to Vivian Park to meet up with Vic's parents for a picnic. It was beautiful. I love Provo Canyon. The boys had fun playing in the canal and Vic and I had fun going on a walk in the little Vivian Park neighborhood. (It's just one street really.) We have good friends building a house there right now and we wanted to go find it. And find it we did! And right next door to it happened to be this darling DARLING cottage for sale. I kind of want it. It is so charming!

After the picnic we handed Grant and McKay over to Grandma and Grandpa (Grant and McKay belong to Vic's sister, Jenny, from Arizona. They hitched a ride up a few weeks early for the Jackson Family reunion and are staying with Vic's parents. We've been dragging the boys back and forth between Park City and Spanish Fork for the past week), and headed back to PC. We stopped in Heber City for shakes at Granny's (they really weren't that great and I felt sick I almost always do when I eat ice cream), and called it a day.

I did, however, get to go on an evening run once we got home and that made all the difference in my day.

It was just kind of an "off " day for me. Sleep makes such a big difference. But all in all, I feel extremely grateful to live in such a beautiful place, at a wonderful time in history, with wonderful people, and have good health. A bad night's sleep and an "off " day are really nothing to complain about.

God Bless America!


  1. I could've written this post word for word. Bottom line, this 4th kind of sucked. We missed all of the PC festivities because Aiden kept us up all night and we were exhausted. Wes and I were fighting, my mom and I had it out (we're still keeping our distance) and we were lucky to catch some fireworks at Glenwild that night. Fail. With that said, the Uintas are beautiful and I still love my family even when they make me want to pull all of my eyelashes out.

  2. Although you had a rough 4th, that picture of your sweet Zoe in the stroller is precious.

  3. Love your 4th pictures!!! Yeah! One thing we've done with "non crawlers" keep touching hand to thigh/just about the knee.....right with right and left with left......for whatever reason we have seen two of them take off after a few days of doing that. Love seeing your smiling face!!


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