Zoë Zoë Zoë June

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
My dear, sweet Zoë,

Today we celebrated your birth. Your life. Your light. Nothing has brought more healing into my soul than you joining our family. There was just something about you coming the same week as your sister. It made me feel as if you and Lucy planned this together. Like you wanted to work together to help this family.

But this isn't about me. This is about you. And you are marvelous. I love that even though you were  due on Lucy's birthday, you came on YOUR OWN day, with  YOUR OWN hair color and your own personality. A personality that I'm not used to in my crazy Jackson kids! You are so mild and like to play it safe. Even sitting in the stroller scares you because the ground is moving too fast beneath your feet. And don't even think about throwing you up in the air. Vice grip and a half. On the baby swing at the park you give me about a 3 inch limit. I've never seen anything like it. You like things done very gently. And I gladly welcome gentle after what your brother has put me through!

Speaking of your brother--you adore him. The way your face lights up when he enters the room is precious beyond words. You deal with his wrestling and exuberant hugs with great patience. He really does love you. The way he already wants to look out for you and protect you is enough to make me melt.

Your preferred method of transportation is scooting on your bum. You absolutely detest being on your stomach and always have. Therefore, you just don't crawl. I don't know if you ever will. My guess is you will go from scooting to walking. You don't pull yourself up a lot and don't seem to enjoy standing. This worries me at times, but I think it goes back to your gentle and safe personality. You simply aren't interested. We'll see what the doctor says at your appt. tomorrow.

I love you, my Zoë June Jackson. I'm not sure if it makes much sense, but my love for you feels very simple and straightforward. There is not a lot of drama or angst involved. I love you. Pure and simple. Our family feels so complete with you here. (As complete as it can be without our oldest child.) Your hair, your eyes, your lips, your smile, your laugh, your appetite! It is all marvelous.

And aren't you lucky that you are so small? No one will ever wonder why you aren't crawling or walking yet because you are the size of a 6 month old. Maybe by your next birthday you'll fit into a pair of baby shoes. You'll always fit right here in my heart and soul.

Thank you, my sweet girl, for letting me be your mother. For letting me be me. I hope you are looking forward to showing me more of you as you get older. Today was a wonderful day. You are loved by so many.

Forever and ever,

Little Molly Mommy

*Editor's Note-- A HUGE THANK YOU to Janis Chudleigh for making/gifting us her INNNNNSANELY delicious salted caramel cupcakes. I can't talk about them. I mean...salted caramel. Homemade. CUP and CAKES. And just...MAN!


  1. Molly...enjoy this moment..this life you have created...you are beautiful, loving and a wonderful Mommy. Happy birthday little one, what a wonderful family you have, hug them, laugh with them,cry with them, laugh with them, enjoy them for families are forever...

  2. She is so stinkin' adorable. And your words about her--beautiful.

  3. Happy birthday, Zoë! She's so dang cute, Molly! I love that red hair.

  4. She is beautiful. I enjoy reading about your life Molly! It's a crazy beautiful thing...which is all we can really ask for, right?!? I see Peter in the 3rd picture!

  5. I am also child #3, and according to my mom, had a very laid-back, cautious personality as a baby. They have a family movie of me sitting on a blanket in the yard at aabout 12 months old. At one point, I leaned over and lightly touched the grass, then sat back down on the blanket -- wouldn't even crawl off the blanket. She said I didn't even try to walk until I was 18 months old. One day I just got up and walked across the room; she couldn't believe it! My own #3 girl is just as different as she can be from her big sisters. :-)

  6. Happy birthday (a little late) Miss Zoe. She is so beautiful and what she brought to your family is even more beautiful. What a lovely little thing she is. I can almost feel the love and joy!!


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