Lucy Turns 7 in Heaven

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Warning: cheesy poem below

In truth: The day was so lovely and perfect. Our lives are filled with so much support, friendship, and love it is astounding. This was the first time we got to really talk with and meet the first responders who were there that day. We picked a spot on the grass where her body was laying while they worked on her.

The fire station grass is sacred ground. It was more difficult than I expected to be there, with all the same people, but not be laying on the cement in shock.

I'm so thankful I will have something beautiful to look at every time I walk by, drive by, or go to church next door. These men were amazing. What we've been through and have overcome is amazing. Life is amazing. Children are amazing. Friends are amazing. The power of love is amazing.

My Lucy is amazing.

Dear Lucy, 

Did you have a party in heaven today? 
Did all of your angel friends stop by to play?

Did you swing from the trees and fly through the sky?
Did you come to our house in the hopes to say "hi?"

A few weeks ago I met these nice men at the park
They were there when you choked, when my world went so dark.

We had the idea to meet at the fire station
To have a memorial of our separation

The local Home Depot donated these bright, gorgeous flowers
For you, my Lucy girl, their beauty holds powers

What powers could bright, beautiful flowers hold?
The same powers you have, far more precious than gold.

The power to bring strangers together
The power to make it through the stormiest weather

The power to love, the power to give
The power that makes each day worthy to live

Happy Birthday my dear, my daughter, my love
I send loves, hugs, and kisses to you up above. 


  1. It isn't cheesy at all, in fact, it is quite a beautiful tribute. Both the words and the flowers. Hugs to you, Molly.

  2. Made me cry. What a wonderful thing as a remembrance. My baby would be 35 this year. I was only 17 when she passed. The years will go by, faster and faster, and you will be will Lucy again :)

  3. What a beautiful way to honor a beautiful angel. Happy 7th Birthday Lucy!

  4. Beautiful, Molly. I love seeing Brad and Susan in this picture - I know they were there for you that day. Big hugs!

  5. "Death that hath sucked the honey of (her) life hath had no power yet upon thy beauty."

  6. Not cheesy at glad you have those lovely beautiful flowers to remember your lovely beautiful girl. She must so proud of her parents. I always try to remember and say often: The Love Never Ends. Thinking of you today, Molly. Happy Birthday, Little Angel Lucy!!!

  7. I'm not a blm but a lost sibling trying to understand what my parents are going through. My sister was 25 when we lost her two days after having her third baby. And even though she wasn't a child, I still feel like you give me insight as to what my mother is going through and how to or not to react. Thank you for so openly sharing your life, love , and grief! Your helping more people than you probably realize!! And Happy Birthday Lucy!!

  8. This is beautiful! How far you have come. Being a mom never ends. Peace and love to you

  9. This is so beautiful! What a tender tribute to your precious Lucy. You have done an amazing job honoring your special daughter...I'm sure she is so proud to be yours.

  10. Love it all, Molly. Was so good to see you the other day. I stopped & admired Lucy's wreath before we entered & took note of Lucy all over your house. Happy 7th Birthday, sweet girl. I hope McKinley's book is right & you & Link are enjoying some time in heaven.
    Love ya Molly.

  11. NOT a cheesy poem at all. So, so beautiful!!

  12. I love these. Sweet Lucy definitely had a party. Lots of singing and dancing I'm certain. ;)

  13. My tears rolled as I was reading your post Miss Molly. It is painful to loss someone so dear to us. Moments happen when we are missing them so greatly that we cannot stop tears from falling. Your Lucy is really a sweet angel! She may not be around but a lot of wonderful things happened because of her and let it be the place where your mind lingers to move forward.

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