There's a Pixie in the House

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
I know this is old news to most of you (who follow me on Instagram or Facebook), but I still wanted to give a shout out to my pixie haircut. I love it. I love that I feel more like myself. Like having on just the right outfit.

I'm thinking of going shorter all around, rather than keeping the one side longer, but we shall see. Maybe I'll just give it a buzz. If you've ever wanted a pixie cut I say GO FOR IT. Its just hair. It will grow back. Its one of the easiest dreams in life to fulfill. It doesn't take much effort, luck, skill, or money. Just chop it! It will grow. (Kristyn Jackson, you've probably never wanted super short hair, but I've always thought you would look so cute with a pixie.)

Styling it has gone pretty well so far. Just mess it up a bit and run pomade through it. Difficult to look bad. I also love that Vic is so supportive of it and thinks it looks great on me. That's always a plus.

I know there is someone out there reading this who has always wanted to do this but never had the guts. Do it. And let me know about it.

The End.

P.S. This is such a stupid post. Its about a haircut. I'm obsessing over the 3 women in Ohio. I'm crying because I just watched a little movie ditty about Mother's Day and thinking of how much I love my Peter. My Zoë. My Lucy. I'm probably crying because I'm tired too.


  1. I love the pixie "do." Mine? Long Long Long....and boring. I want to cut it short but not yet. Maybe when I retire?? Ha Ha I saw a cute video on FB about a little boy doing everyday things with his mom and at the end, he goes to bed and thinks mom goes to bed too. Is that the same one? Anyway, it made me smile and then cry as I remembered how much I miss my own mother who has been gone 4 years. A mother's love is so divine, so close to God, so wonderful. Being a grandmother is even more wonderful. It is hard for me to imagine and comprehend the lives ruined because of others selfish and evil designs. I'm glad I lived in a home where love was plentiful and that my grandson is living that same way. We mother's and grandmother's have our work cut out for us to keep our children and grandchildren safe, loved, happy, healthy, at peace and to help them learn to be strong, love others, become peacemakers, and to take a stand against the evils of the world. Afterall, they are our future!!

  2. I love it! I shaved my head once and it was the best haircut I have ever had! I will do it again one day.

  3. I love 'your' pixie cut... it!

    I had a pixie cut when I was in the first grade... Short cuts since...
    None of them as darling as yours. I love your short pixie hair!
    It matches the personality you portray.


  4. Wow! You look great! I am definitely one of those chickens that would love to do it, but don't think it would look right on my face (VERY chubby cheeks and large nose). Maybe someday I will have the guts.

  5. I *do* believe tinkerbell lives, I *do* believe tinkerbell lives, I *do*, I *do* I *do* !!

    -Sam J


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