How My Body Learned to Love Me

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I had great response to my first article in the Deseret News last week. THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to the publication of my next one.

For documentation's sake, I'm sharing a bit of my article here with a link to the full version on Deseret News. I always appreciate your feedback.


My body used to hate me. I would starve it for days at a time, then fill it with junk only to expel the junk by shoving my fingers down its throat. I'd run it ragged and not refill it with the nutrients and calories it needed. I'd sleep deprive it, shame it, belittle it, abuse it, neglect it, then expect it to be the answer to my every problem. Because we all know that if your body LOOKS amazing, then of course you ARE amazing. All of your problems would go away. You didn't know that? That's what a trusted source called "the media" keeps telling me. Don't tell me you haven't heard:

For one thing, you'd have more money. And for sure you'd have more friends. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman--tall, thin (of course), perfectly white teeth and shiny hair, dressed to the nines, sitting alone and depressed with no money? Didn't think so. 

Let's see, you'd definitely be smarter.  Men would flock to you and treat you like royalty. Your children would be beautiful and perfectly behaved. Your breath would smell great. YOU would smell great. You would drive a gorgeous car that is always clean and never has any problems. You'd cook fancy meals served on trendy dishes, presented to your chipper family who are all waiting patiently at the dinner table to partake of your offerings. And by dinner table, of course I am talking about Ethan Allen furniture at the very least.   

But the greatest thing would be that if only you were more beautiful and thin, your house would always be clean! You'd have a white kitchen with sunlight gently cascading through the windows and plenty of bleach and paper towels readily available to clean up the slow motion spaghetti and grape juice spills headed for your solid wood, polished floors and new Stainmaster top- of -the -line carpet. 

Oh, body! Why do you continue to let me down and deprive me of these things? They are mine for the taking if only you'd stop craving cookies and being so short and


Any requests on what my next article should be about?

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  1. Molly, that was a fantastic and clever way to express your ideas. Good job. We are very proud of you.
    Love Marlene

  2. Such an incredible article!! I think you should write about being a mother next... or maybe a broadway star in hiding? Yes, definitely that.

  3. How did I not know you had this beautiful talent of writing?!?!? I mean really though?! You're amazing Molly and loved the was a great reminder as to why woman are so special.

  4. BEAUTIFUL article that I have shared with some dear young women that I love. You articulated something I struggled with so much better than I ever could. THIS article is amazing. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing something so personal because honestly, sometimes in the back of my mind, I think that maybe if I lost those extra 10 lbs or looked like a model (i'm under 5'5" so really I have no hope of that) my life would be so much better. Instead, I drown out that voice and embrace the wonderful life I have, all 10 lbs included!


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