Sometimes I Worry...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...That being this cute is too much responsibility for someone so young. I have faith she can handle it, though. If she doesn't get eaten by her mother for dessert before her first birthday, her chances of making it increase significantly. You can do it, Zoë. I know you can. As you continue to grow and develop you'll be strengthened as you bear your extreme burden of cuteness. 


  1. Yes, she does have a huge challenge of being just a...dor...ably cute!! I love her little she's saying ohhh, I AM cute!!! LOL What a treasure your children must be in your life. What a joy!!

  2. My ovaries just exploded. The cheeks. The hair. The eyelashes. I can't even.

  3. I seriously think that she can handle it... Speaking as one strawberry blonde to another. When I was a baby neither of my parents was a red head... But there I was.... and so they blamed our home teacher.

    Miss Zoe is totally adorable and I love her smile!


  4. She is so precious. I see so much of Lucy in her sweet little face. Miss you guys. We need to plan a get togehter sometime in the future before Nick and Britany move...


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