My Son is a Fiend--a Biking Fiend!

Monday, April 22, 2013

I know, I know! Where is his helmet? See...we drove to Salt Lake to pick up Peter's insanely nice new bike for his birthday. It was a gift from a dear friend who spoils us rotten. Her name is Brasilia. She has no children of her own and she finds great joy and satisfaction from spoiling mine. Who am I to stop her?

So we go to down Millcreek Bicycle and get his new bike, only to discover we have left his helmet at home in Park City. That's not a battle I'm about to win so I don't even sign up to fight. I just let him ride his bike around a small area in Sugarhouse Park and he was in hog heaven. 

This little dude has been able to ride a pedal bike without training wheels (never had training wheels) since age 3 1/2, but he never had a bike of his own until now. Two words: LOOK. OUT. Because he is my first bike-riding child, I don't know any differently--so sometimes it completely escapes me just how amazing he is on a bike until someone points it out to me. And when that someone is a professional bike racer from Park City you know they mean it. Huh. I guess I have a biking fiend on my hands. We'll see how this develops. 

And thank goodness we did go down to Sugarhouse Park last week because since then it has been like February around here. I hate reading weather complaints from other people, but here I go--WHA!!!! Sick of it!

This climate is not meant for human consumption. 

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  1. He IS a biking fiend!! Look at him go! Can't believe you were in SLC and didn't tell me! :) Looks like a beautiful day - love the new blog look p.s.


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